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3 things to consider before donating to hungry children in Israel 

Even thinking about hungry children in Israel is painful for anyone who has a heart and emotions. Children are innocent and our future. Watching our children smiling, happy, and thriving is something we all want. But unfortunately, not all children have a life or opportunity they truly deserve.

If you are also someone who cares and wants to help hungry children in Israel, here are the top 5 things you should always consider before donating to a charity.

Don’t just give any charity

The first thing you should notice if the charity you seek to donate is working for hungry children in Israel or not. Because you should always prefer the charity working for the cause you believe in. Don’t just give your hard-earned money to any charity organization that sends you a donation request, and make sure it’s something you really want to make a difference.

Do an adequate research

There are literally tens of thousands of charity organizations around the globe but not all of these are reliable or trustworthy. You should always do some research about the history of the organization. For example, Meir Panim has been operational for almost two decades now and has physical locations in all major cities of the country and working hard for hungry children in Israel.

Find a charity working for hungry children in Israel

Often charity organizations have more than one project in operation. If you want to donate specifically for hungry children in Israel, make sure that the charity is already running a major project on the concerned topic and have dedicated a good amount of financials around it.

You can weed out a lot of not-so-good charities if you do a little background check on the charity and have a hard, deep look at its financial information. Meir Panim is quite transparent about their financials to ensure that their donors have a good idea on what they are spending on.