4 amateur SEO mistakes websites make all the time

The process of increasing the amount of unpaid traffic that websites get is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO); it is mainly targeted at improving the sites visibility on result page for various search engines. The role played by SEO services Ottawa is pivotal in the marketing of any online business which makes SEO agencies as essential too since website owners are not well versed with SEO strategies. Whilst developing an effective SEO plan is what specialists will help you with, these are common blunders websites have made in the past and still do now for you to avoid.

Slow website loading speed

If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load then it might be a turn off to the potential traffic checking it out. As a website owner or manager, improving your website loading speed works both to your benefit and that of the search engine user. To improve the loading speed, use the right image sizes and formats, fix all your redirects to make sure they work and lastly compress your JavaScript coding.

Duplicate content

Search Engines like google take publishing of duplicate content on one’s site very serious and might even punish one for it. The need to deliver high quality and consistent content for your audience should not make you use the same content on different pages. Duplicate and outdated content are besides not ideal for search engine users and instead you must seek the services of a great content creator. SEO services are well versed with content creation and will update besides creating the new and fresh content that your target traffic needs from time to time.

Lack of mobile optimization improvement

Over time people have switched from using their computers or laptops to do most of their search online. Most of the traffic ecommerce websites receive today come from mobile phones and that is why optimizing your site for mobile use is a necessary step. Should the site be rigid to adjusting to the device screen size, the smart phone user might just leave your site and check out other modernly designed website that can give them what they need. Unless you have experts optimize your site for mobile, chances of losing your target traffic and customers to competitors will always be high.

Broken links or dead ends

Dead ends are instances when new traffic on your site clicks on a dead link that leads to an error page. Getting the 404 error on your screen can be one of the annoying things a new visitor can experience on your site. The result is increased bounce off rate which might just affect your conversion and sales. When your site is being crawled, the dead links will affect your general SEO score which is why you must hire experts who can identify and replace the dead end links. Remember to also check non-functional external links and replacing them with new sources.