6 Things to Take Care of When You’re Booking Flight Tickets

Flight booking should be easy and quick. Mentioned in this post is a checklist of 6 things that will help you book your flight tickets like a pro without making any mistakes. Keep reading. 

Flight tickets are quite easy to book. Visit a travel website, look for the best option, choose a flight and pay up. While it seems quite straightforward, many things could go wrong along the way. Let’s look at the following checklist of 6 things to take care of when you are making your flight bookings. 

  1. Price of the Ticket: The ticket price is probably going to be at the top of your mind when booking a flight ticket. With so many flight options to choose from and so many flight booking sites, it can get challenging to find the best deal. Your best bet would be to use a travel portal that shows you a wide range of airlines to choose from. Moreover, you can sort the results by price, showing you the lowest to highest price ticket. However, don’t just book the first ticket because it is the cheapest. Often those will come with some cons, such as stops along the way, lesser amenities, odd-timings, etc. Choose a flight that is not only affordable but also comfortable and cost-effective for the entire journey. 
  2. Add-ons: Once you have picked your favourite flight, you will be asked to add some add-ons to your flight. If you are flying with a low-cost airline, you can pick some add-ons such as in-flight meals, beverages, seat selection, etc. Moreover, you can also add some generic add-ons such as extra baggage allowance (if you think you will need to carry more than the permitted limit), free cancellation (allowing you to cancel the ticket without any charges), etc. Pick and choose the add-ons carefully- while they can add comfort to your trip, they can also inflate the ticket price. 
  3. Traveller Details: You will most probably have to enter the passenger’s details right now or at a later stage. Irrespective, make sure you fill in these details carefully. The name should match with the government-recognised identification that you intend to carry at the airport for verification. If you are travelling with an infant less than two years, make sure you include his/her details as well. Some flights might charge you a bit extra for infants, and for children above 2-years, you will have to pay the full fare. 
  4. Cancellation Policy: It is also important to look at the cancellation policy of the ticket before booking the ticket. While some tickets come with a no-refund policy meaning, you will not get anything apart from the taxes and fee- others might charge a fee for cancelling your ticket and reimburse the rest. If you are unsure about your trip while making the bookings, consider adding a no-cost cancellation cover to your ticket. 
  5. Earning Miles: Miles are points you earn on every flight booking through a travel program website. These are precious points that can be used against various privileges or even a free air ticket once you have enough. Keep a lookout for the miles you can earn from your bookings through the website. 
  6. Flight Schedule: Lastly, also look at the flight schedule. You can often find this by clicking on the flight details. It will show you the flight path and the duration of the stop, if any. Whether you are looking at the flight time from Ahmedabad to Mumbai or Delhi to Lucknow, always look at the duration of the journey and the stops it’s making before you decide on your preferred option. 

Flight booking can be a breeze if you follow a systematic approach. Make sure you take care of these things mentioned above, and you should be able to book yourself the best flight ticket to your destination. Happy travelling. 

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