A Purpose for Christmas:  Giving, Family, Entertaining, and Parties

Beyond the Tinsel and The trees, what is your true purpose for having Christmas? There is so much bustle and hustle in this period, get back to the first principle of the purpose of you having Christmas.

With the arrival of the Christmas season comes the storm of many activities that take over your every waking thought. There are plans to be finalized, a list to be checked, dinner parties to be scheduled and attended, groceries to buy, children and guests to entertain, and Christmas gift Hampers to shop then wrap.

 It is advisable to take a few minutes and sit down with our friends and family to plan out the purpose of your Christmas this year before you get all wrapped up in the bustle and hustle of this Christmas season. It is not necessarily that the Christmas festival planned to be anything time-consuming or complicated. Doing this will definitely make you more focused and relaxed.


The candles, the company, the laughter, and the candles make the Christmas parties so much fun and enjoyable and so very hard for someone to say no to. I recall a particular year where my family, friends, and I decided to have a Christmas part two nights of every week for almost five weeks straight. By the time we were done partying, and the Christmas date had arrived that is twenty-fifth of December, we were all so exhausted and had little  to have a Christmas party on the actual date of Christmas

Plan idealistically which Christmas parties and how many Christmas parties you will attend. Do not just say yes to Christmas parties just because you have been invited to one. If, by any chance, you receive a Christmas party invite at the last minute, do not feel obligated to attend if you had already planned out your day.

Withstand the temptation of attending a popular Christmas party just for the sake of going. Between family, not to mention homeschool and church groups, you have three parties to attend the rest of the other parties are not a necessity to attend to if you have other important things to do or if you are all partied out.


This time of the year is typically accompanied by busyness. However, it would be best if you guarded yourself against the busyness of everything from taking out your precious time with your family. One of the most significant things you are required to plan for as a family is family time and rest. Work out what specific traditions you and your family would like to continue with and the new one you would like to try out.

If you can do so, plan a holiday away from it all, either after or before the Christmas party. The crucial thing is that you schedule some “away” time as a family. It is not necessarily that the plan is having to go away physically. Here are some of the thing that you should include in your plans:

  • No using smartphones or cell phones during that time
  • No using computers, iPods, laptops, iPads, touchpads, etc
  • The games and puzzles that you will all play together
  • Camping out outdoors or indoors with hotdogs and marshmallows since people love a little summer in the winter season.
  • Swimming pools or snow angels.