All About Titanium Solvent Trap And How to Stay Legal

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Taking proper care of your firearm is just as important as using it. Every firearm user needs to get rid of lead and copper regularly fouling to achieve consistent accuracy. Or ensure the longevity of their firearms.

A firearm could even be a potential threat to the user if there’s a heavy build-up in its barrels. So the best way to handle these devices is to use them when clean. In the past, firearm owners performed bore cleaning operations with the standard steel brush, cleaning fluid, and a piece of cloth. But nowadays, all you will need for this task is a titanium solvent trap.

What is a Solvent Trap?

A solvent trap (also known as a divider) is a firearm accessory designed to catch and trap cleaning solvent for easy disposal. These devices are attachable to the muzzle of the firearm with the aid of an adapter. They are the most useful maintenance accessories you’d need to keep your firearm clean and ensure optimal functioning.

But what’s the essence of using a tool like this when you can do it traditionally? The answer is quite simple. Utilizing a titanium solvent trap is a more convenient way of performing bore cleaning operations. It helps to keep things less messy since the lubricants are trapped inside the solvent trap cups. And you can even store and reuse it at a later time.

The titanium solvent trap’s purpose is strictly meant only for cleaning firearms. The tube doesn’t possess any design specs that could permit the expulsion of a bullet or projectile. They are also unable to diminish sound from a firearm. And they do not come with serial numbers on their bodies. However, users can modify their solvent traps to serve these functions if only they take legal steps.

How Does Titanium Solvent Trap Work?

A titanium solvent trap often consists of trap cups, a narrow tube, and a firearm adapter. When assembled, each of these parts plays a unique role in clearing up the unwanted buildup in your firearm. For example, the solvent trap cup captures the cleaning fluid while the narrow tube holds the cup in place. Then the function of the firearm adapter is to prevent the cleaning fluid from dripping back to the barrel.

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Are Titanium Solvent Traps Legal?

Titanium solvent traps are merely accessories with no injurious characteristics whatsoever. This is the reason why you can easily purchase one without any need for a Form 1. Even though there are no legal constraints regarding their purchase, the legislation still applies to their use and modification. That’s why you can’t convert your titanium solvent trap to a device that will diminish the bangs of your firearm. Before you can do this, though, you’ll need to get an approved Form 1. Ensure to keep abreast of the restrictions and regulations within the region where you live.

When shopping around for a solvent trap, you will likely get overwhelmed with the vast collection available online. But titanium solvent straps will save you the stress of an endless search. This is one solvent strap that does not rust or corrode easily.