All you need to know about in-ground safes

Thieves always have their way to find where hidden items are. You might feel that keeping important documents and extra cash hidden in your drawers, wardrobe or cupboard is enough safety. However, these are the first places for robbers to look in.  You don’t have to worry about the safety of your items any longer. Buying a safe for your home or business can spare you a great deal of worry. To make sure that your belongings are more protected, you might want to consider underfloor safes.

–          What is an underfloor safe?

Simply an underfloor safe is one that you can cover with your carpet or rug. This means that it would not look visible. An underfloor safe is placed inside a case of concrete. This concrete cover provides a high level of security for this type of safes. An underfloor safe doesn’t have a side door. You can open it from the top. Also, you can find an underfloor safe that is built in inside your place. As there are many buildings now are erected with pre-installed safes on the floor. If this is not the case with your building, you don’t have to worry. You can still arrange for installing one to your residential or commercial unit.

–          Perks of using an underfloor safe

There are various advantages that you would expect from installing an underfloor safe:

1-      They are smart solutions for space saving

If you are in need of a big safe and you don’t have enough space, an underfloor safe could be your thing. This way you won’t be confused about finding a proper place to install your new safe. It will fit anywhere under the floor.

2-      They are not standing around for everyone to see

If you have some precious and important items, you probably won’t want everyone to know about their existence. An underfloor safe can help you in this matter. They can be truly hidden as if they were never here in the first place.

3-      They offer a great deal of safety

Can you imagine a thief trying to remove a safe from the floor? This is not a possible scenario, especially if there are people around. Try to imagine robbers trying to carry and move away with a heavy vault buried inside a cement or concrete case. This means that you can have a good night’s sleep knowing that your belongings are truly safe.

Despite all the perks that come with a high quality floor safe, you would want to be careful about the area of installation. You need to be certain that your area is not threatened by flooding. If your area is not a subject to such threats, you are definitely good to go.

Installing an underground safe leaves behind a dust cover. But this shouldn’t concern you because there are reliable ways to hide it. The most straightforward option is tucking it under the rug. You can even get tiles that match your original ones to make everything look absolutely normal.