What is an electronic drum pad? An electric drum pad is a triggering device which is used to produce the acoustic on the stage show or live streaming. This electric drum pad can have different shapes, functions, and colors but is only for making different sounds in a program. There are many brands which make a high and best quality of electronic drum pads, some of them are Roland, Yamaha, Alesis, etc. Some of their products prevail in the general market. We will talk about different features of the electronic drum pads in the following points-

  1. Best affordable electronic drum pads:

AlesisSamplePad Pro is the best affordable electronic drum pad. Every e-drum pad has rubber pads whether less or more. A rubber pad is nothing but the upper side of the e-drum pad where the artist triggers with the stick to generate the sound. This is made of rubber as the name suggests. So in AlesisSamplePad Pro has 8 dual-zone rubber pads, six in front and two on the sides. You can save your money by buying it. Every rubber pad has two dual-tone ability. You can use USB as input or output and has a 32GB storage and SD card slot. It is made with 200 handcrafted sounds and is used by the user. 

  1. Best for stage and studio:

Alesis Strike Multi Pad is best for stage and studio. It has a lighting system under its rubber pads. It gives the best performance to the user. In night or studio room its light makes difference creating effects of dim, solid, bright, or flash. Whenever a sound is changed the lighting effect will show it by changing the color. It also has 32 GB storage and a USB port that allows the user to store or remake the voice with different acoustic. Users can delete, trim, remake, copy, normalize, cut, copy sounds between two points. 

  1. The best overall electronic drum pads:

The overall best electronic drum pad is Roland SPD-SX. The best feature of this device is to take many wav files and trigger them. It is used by professional drummers on the stage show. This electronic drum pad has nine pads that can give different sounds. Its pads are responsive and sensitive. It can supports foot pedals and is made with high-end construction. It has a lot of memory space that makes and 4GB internal memory. It has only two external pad inputs which can be a drawback if you use more signals for external. 

An electronic drum can enhance the performance of the artist and makes acoustic. A new person doesn’t know about these electronic drum pad and their features. Above discussed details about the different drum pads may give the best advice to buy the right device for your use. They vary by their feature and prices. Some have greater space and some are light weight and easy to carry. The guide will give some basic knowledge about electronic drum pads and their qualities.