Bringing Joy To Your Pet With A cat tower


Your cat is simply sitting on top of your bookcase, looking into space from the outside. Your cat, on the other hand, has been moved to the top of a craggy rock outcropping, towering over the vast Serengeti Desert plains, keeping a close eye on his surroundings for a threat or a tasty reward.

As his inner predator plays out the performance that nature intended for your cat, the dust bunny whirling across the floor contains the prospect of prey inside it. Rather than relying on your bookshelf, why not equip your cat with an appealing cat tower that will provide him with more entertaining possibilities for leaping, jumping, and dashing than your bookcase can offer?

Many modern cat towers incorporate elements that encourage your cat to be active and fun in addition to providing a place to sit. When you are not at home, your cat will be kept engaged and out of trouble by hanging toys, ladders, cabins, dens, and scratching posts made of sisal rope.

Cat towers might be a great solution for cats who want to play in the middle of the night. Because nocturnal hours are considered excellent hunting time for cats in the wild, it’s normal for your pet to stay up at night even if you’re a city dweller who has to get up early to get to work.

In your cat’s tower, you may play creatively with him. Chase the small red beam of a laser toy up and down the kitty gym is one task that your cat could love. You’ll be shocked at how terrific of a workout this game offers your cat if you don’t flash the light in his eyes.

Cat Towers

We haven’t been able to completely domesticate our cats due to generations of outdoor activities. We can make them more tame and comfortable, but they still need to “go wild” in the house. They can become sluggish and depressed if they don’t have this outlet. While in your house, a cat tower guarantees that your pets have enough space to explore their wild side.

You might anticipate your cat to develop a spare tire of their own if they don’t get enough exercise in the cat tower. You’ve probably noticed how they sit in the back and everything spreads out like a Jell-O mold of a big mansion. To keep your kitty happy and healthy, he or she has to get some exercise.

Take a look at the feline’s origins; they have long been predators on our planet, particularly in the wild. They still have the urge to stalk prey, even though we may believe that domestication is simple. Cat towers allow your cat to perch in a high position that not only gives them a sense of supremacy but also protects them by keeping them “out of reach”.

An outsider may think it’s uninteresting, but a cat’s nervous stimulation can keep him from being bored. You may construct a fantastic play area for your cats with any type of bespoke cat tower that can expand with them. Not only are these cat towers intended to last, but they are also designed to be useful.