Canapproval Health and Safety Online Training – How To Keep Your Employees On The Right Track

We all know how important it is to protect the health and safety of our employees. That’s why has a wealth of information online that can help you stay on top of compliance requirements, as well as monitor your workplace for any hazards. Here are some resources from to help make sure your employees are safe and healthy!

Health and Safety Regulations

Not all companies are required to offer a healthy and safe workplace under the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Alberta, but many are. They have the responsibility of ensuring that their personnel is not exposed to any risks at all times.

There are many steps involved in this process, including identifying any possible hazards in the workplace and determining if any of your workers have been hurt while on the job.

You must also give training to your personnel so that they are aware of any potential health and safety issues that may exist. They will be able to take preventative measures before the dangers become a serious concern.

To remain in compliance with these requirements, you should inspect your workplace regularly for any risks or threats. A software system for occupational health and safety may also be used to assist you in staying organized!

Compliance Requirements

Exposure to hazardous substances, like lead and asbestos, is an ongoing concern for many businesses. Employers are legally bound to make sure their employees are not exposed to any hazardous or toxic substances at work.

You must stay up-to-date on the latest safety regulations. It’s also important that you’re aware of the changes in your industry so you can ensure your company is compliant. There are many resources available to help with this, including trade associations and publications, as well as online resources like

Stay On Top Of Hazards In Your Workplace

Occupational hazards, such as ergonomic challenges, are one of the most common dangers that employees face on the job. Workers who are compelled to work in an unpleasant position for a lengthy period may develop these conditions.

Workplace ergonomics may cause back discomfort, shoulder pain, and other challenges. These difficulties can lead to disability and missed workdays if not addressed.

A professional office space assessment is advised at least once every five years to remain on top of any possible ergonomic dangers in your workplace. In this way, you may guarantee that your workplace is a safe environment for your workers.

Additionally, it is vital to provide all new employees with a general review of workplace safety procedures and rules during their orientation. Every employee should be conscious of the fact that they are also accountable for their safety.


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