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Canvas Art, The Most Trending Wall Decor Idea                                                

Canvas art is the most popular and easiest way to decorate a wall. Canvas art is painting on canvas, which is a plain and durable woven fabric, which is stretch across a wooden frame. Cotton, linen, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or any of them is used as fabric. There is a subtle difference between canvas painting and canvas print.

Canvas painting is an indigenous creation of artists using paints and brushes. Canvas prints are reproducing copies of existing or original canvas artwork.

Today we will tell you about four basic Canvas art prints that are easy to understand and applicable at home.

Scenic artwork: This is the most refreshing kind of canvas art. One would always be sure of what kind of geographical landscape suits that person the most. It could be a beach, forest, the tall buildings of Abu Dhabi or a combination of many such landscapes. A single extra-large size artwork has the power to beautify an entire living space with its view. Abu Dhabi city skyline, Birds at the beach, Brooklyn Bridge New York City are some of the most beautiful canvas art samples in the scenic section.

Transport: This category of canvas art is best for car and bike lovers. There are fantastic pieces available for Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Formula 1 teams, Vintage bikes and general illustration of cars. One can aim for a single extra-large Bugatti Veyron Supercar canvas print if they want to cover the wall space above a long table. For a look that conveys many hobbies, one can choose Harley Davidson Vintage Transport small size canvas art along with paintings of different genres. Align in a set of three, four or five photos and your wall will surely speak volumes about you.

Botanical artwork: Don’t confuse this category with scenic canvas art. While the scenic canvas does involve greenery, it gives a holistic picture of a geographical location while botanical canvas art further divides nature and zooms on their botanical nature. Cactus, palms, trees and florals are some examples under this category. Canvas art prints such as Banana leaves beige, Cactus bowl, California palm, Bohemian flowers, Boho prints etc. are apt for white walls or spaces that are quite open spaces due to large windows.

Abstract: Abstract category has been known for well over 100 years. This is a non-representational form of art, where there are no literal reference points or figures. Landscapes and people are two major categories in Abstract canvas art form. Arrive, the City of Lights, A perfect day, Adrift, Lost art of keeping a secret are some famous canvas art abstract pieces that one must take a look at. Two art pieces of large landscape sizes in the abstract landscape category in horizontal alignment would be a great addition to your walls in the hallway.

Wall decor is not a daunting task, and canvas art further makes wall art decor easy for anyone. Take your time and draw down your vision, and later decorate the walls accordingly.