Chief Democratic Strategist: Who Does What? By Jared Kamrass


If you’re a Democrat, there’s one thing you should know: the chief strategist at the Democratic National Committee is a big deal.

The DNC strategist oversees all of the party’s messaging and communications in an election year from TV ads to social media strategy, but what does that mean? Let’s break down this role into three sections so we can better understand how it works.

The Democratic Party’s Chief Strategist Is A Big Deal

The person in this role is responsible for developing the party’s messaging, political strategy, fundraising strategy and more and they also oversee communications and campaign operations meaning there’s a lot on their plate.

In other words: if you want to get somewhere in politics according to Jared Kamrass, being hired as a chief strategist at some point in your career is something worth thinking about seriously.

And while it’s not exactly a job title you see every day, it’s definitely one worth knowing, so what does it get you? Here’s everything you need to know about being a chief strategist.

Three Main Parts Of The Role

When it comes to the Democratic Party, the chief strategist like myself Jared Kamrass is responsible for overseeing and managing the party’s budget and this includes allocating money for events and campaigns.

The strategist also works with other members of their team, such as pollsters and fundraisers, to determine how best to spend that money based on current polling data and fundraising goals.

The chief strategist is also a member of the DNC’s executive committee; this means they work closely with other leaders at headquarters while helping shape party strategy locally across America.

The chief strategist oversees messaging from national headquarters down through individual states or other regions where Democrats are running campaigns or organizing volunteers.

The chief strategist helps put together messaging and communications strategies that they hope will resonate with voters and help win elections. This includes working with local parties to develop campaigns and messaging on issues important to their constituents.


The Strategist Is Not Just A Campaign Manager

The strategist is not just a fundraiser, either nor is he or she merely a spokesperson for the candidate or party.

In fact, if you’re only looking at this list from the perspective of what the strategist does on Election Day or even during the campaign, then you’re missing out on half their value.

The strategist also has an important role to play in developing long-term strategies for success and helping candidates get elected and stay there.

The job of chief strategist at the Democratic National Committee can be complicated, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

The chief strategist is the head of the DNC’s communications, research and messaging departments. The person in this role puts together talking points, writes speeches and provides strategic advice to candidates.

The chief strategist also plays a large role in fundraising: they bring donors together with candidates during high-dollar fundraisers called bundlers. This can be tricky because some donors want more access than others and if you give them too much access, it could look bad for your candidate or yourself.


It’s clear that the chief strategist at the DNC is a complicated job and there are many responsibilities, including managing campaigns and advising candidates on their messaging, but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t important or worth understanding.