Cisco ASR-9001-S Router: The Next Generation in Enterprise Routing

The Cisco ASR 9001-S Router is designed to provide your business with the support it needs to stay ahead of the curve. This next-generation router offers increased capacity, scalability, and flexibility, as well as improved energy efficiency. With the Cisco ASR 9001-S Router, you can be confident that your business’s network can keep up with your ever-changing needs.

The Cisco ASR 9001-S Router is part of the industry-leading Cisco Aggregation Services Routers portfolio. The ASR 9000 series routers are designed for businesses that need scalable, high-performance networking solutions. With support for up to 320 Gbps of full duplex traffic, the Cisco ASR 9001-S Router can easily handle even the most demanding networks. And with its modular design, the Cisco ASR 9001-S Router can be easily expanded and customized to meet your specific needs.

In addition to its high performance, the Cisco ASR 9001-S Router is also designed for energy efficiency. The router uses half the power of previous generation routers while still delivering the same high level of performance. The Cisco ASR 9001-S Router is also eco-friendly, with a number of features that help reduce its environmental impact.


The Cisco ASR-9001 was designed with performance in mind. It offers up to 100 Gbps of throughput and supports multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. This router is perfect for high-bandwidth applications such as video conferencing and streaming HD video. Additionally, the Cisco ASR-9001 includes an on-board CPU and memory so that it can handle even the most demanding traffic loads.


The Cisco ASR-9001 also offers unprecedented capacity. Its chassis can accommodate up to 6 expansion modules, providing room for future growth. Additionally, the router supports up to 1 million routes and 500,000 MAC addresses. This means that your network will be able to scale as your business grows.


The Cisco ASR-9001 also comes packed with features that will make your life easier. For example, the router includes an Embedded Event Manager (EEM) for automating tasks such as software upgrades and troubleshooting. Additionally, the Cisco ASR-9001 supports Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), which allows you to deploy new routers without having to manually configure them.


The Cisco ASR 9001-S Router is a powerful and energy-efficient next-generation router that is designed to support your business’s ever-changing needs. With its modular design and high performance, the Cisco ASR 9001-S Router is an excellent investment for your business’s future.The Cisco ASR-9001 router is a powerful investment for the future of your network. This next-generation router offers significant advantages over previous models, including greater speed, capacity, and features. If you are looking to upgrade your current network or build a new one from scratch, the Cisco ASR 9001 S should be at the top of your list.