David Woroboff And Matter of Telemedicine

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the founder of 24/7 Call-A-Doc are David Woroboff. He has an online presence where he provides information about what he knows best in Telehealth. Master (Mr.) Woroboff is equally a philanthropist and reputable person who is well respected when it comes to health technology. He has been practicing telehealth for more than three decades and could be described as an expert in this aspect of health science.

The 24/7 Call-A-Doc organization is into remote mental health and telemedicine. Mr. David Woroboff, who is the founder, holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science. He also holds a degree in Business Administration. He has had considerable years of experience working in management positions at some Hi-Tech companies. Based on the impact he has made in society, David Woroboff could simply be described as;

  1. An innovator of cutting-edge technology.
  2. A good entrepreneur.
  3. A pioneer in the area of general health and safety.

You can find the full biodata of Mr. Woroboff on his personal website, where you can also learn about telehealth. He is the one directly offering advice and tips on what he knows best and has been practicing.

According to Mr. David Woroboff, the new way of getting good medical help and care is known as telehealth. This is a method or system that offers patients the opportunity to gain access to their physicians rather remotely. Telehealth is what could make patients be treated for their ailments without necessarily going to see their doctors physically.

Telehealth or telemedicine has been existing for some time now, and only it is in this present time that we have some benefactors such as Mr. Woroboff that have made it to be worthwhile for people to remotely get medical attention.

Based on what Mr. David Woroboff has said, telemedicine makes use of information technology (IT) to bring medical service very closest to people. Physicians have the opportunity through telehealth to engage their patients towards treating them. Both Patients and their physicians would be interacting through the;

  1. Phone call.
  2. Video chat.
  3. Live chat.
  4. Use of social media networks.

With the above methods of communication, there is no barrier to where patients are with regard to their doctors. They would always communicate as if they were staying together under a roof. Patients would have the opportunity to discuss how they are feeling with their physicians. And the doctors would offer them treatment and medical counseling that could make them become better.

David Woroboff has insisted that through telehealth, patients have been able to benefit immensely as they have less time to travel for medical treatment. The cost of treatment, as well as other logistics, have equally been reduced through telemedicine.

And to the doctors and medical specialists, this health technology system has made it possible for them to administer medical care more efficiently and quicker than before. They would be able to reach out to their patients who could not visit them in the office because of their health and financial conditions or many other reasons.

It has been explained by David Woroboff that the fact that telemedicine is conducted mostly electronically, there is less paperwork or physical documentation to be done.