Dr David Stager: Can Physical Eye Injuries Be Treated By Ophthalmologists?

What is an Ophthalmologist?You may have heard that you should see an ophthalmologist if you’ve sustained a physical eye injury. But what exactly does that mean? And what kind of eye injuries are we talking about here?


A trip to the emergency room will be necessary for some types of damage, but other types can be taken care of by your local optometrist or ophthalmologist. In this post, Dr David Stager will discuss everything from common causes of physical eye injuries to symptoms and treatment options.



What Are Common Causes Of Physical Eye Injuries?


Physical eye injuries can be caused by a variety of factors, including assault, falls, sports injuries, and car accidents. Physical assault is responsible for a large number of physical eye injuries. It’s not uncommon for an individual who has been assaulted to sustain multiple facial fractures as well as an eye injury.


In these cases, you need to seek immediate medical attention. That’s because if your eye is damaged beyond repair, or becomes infected as a result, then it may need to be removed surgically in order to prevent further damage from being done.



The Symptoms Of Eye Injury Depend On Location And Severity


The symptoms of a certain physical eye injury depend on the location and severity of the damage. Eye pain is one of the most common symptoms that one can expect, especially if you’ve suffered an injury to the cornea (clear outer layer).


Other than that, blurred vision, redness, swelling, and discharge can also occur as a result of an injury to your eyelids or conjunctiva (the membrane that lines inside the surface of your eyelids). And lastly, vision loss may be present if there is damage to your optic nerve or retina (the innermost layer at the back part of the eye).



What Should You Do If You Experience Symptoms Of A Physical Eye Injury?


If you experience symptoms of a serious physical eye injury, then you should seek medical attention immediately. As much as possible, do not rub your eyes or touch the injured area.


Also, avoid trying to remove any foreign objects that may be lodged in your eyes. If possible, do not attempt to pop your own eye out of its socket (this can cause additional damage). And above all else – don’t apply ice or heat directly onto an injured area on your eye!



Ophthalmologists Can Help With Most Physical Eye Injuries


Ophthalmologists like Dr David Stager are trained to diagnose and treat physical eye injuries. A physical eye injury is any injury that occurs in the front of your face, including your eyes, eyelids, and cornea (the clear part of your eye).


If you have suffered a particular physical eye injury, then it’s important to see an ophthalmologist right away. It’s needed since they can determine if there has been any damage done to your vision, or if there are other complications that need immediate treatment.


An eye injury of any kind can be very serious – and may even cause permanent damage if it isn’t treated quickly. If you have questions about what type of treatment would be best for your specific eye injury, reach out to the most reputable ophthalmologist today!