Dr Wayne Lajewski: How Lifestyle Affects Your Skin Health

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Your skin is a part of your body that you can see, but it’s also an important part of your health and wellness. If you aren’t taking care of your skin properly, it can become dry, wrinkled, and unhealthy looking over time. But for 
Dr Wayne Lajewski, if you start making some small changes to the way you live now, your skin will look better as a result!



Getting Enough Sleep Is Highly Needed By Your Skin


Sleep provides time for your body to repair itself, which means that if you’re not getting enough shut-eye, it will start to show on your face. Not only that but studies have shown that people with poor sleep habits are more likely to suffer from acne than those who get eight hours every night.


So if you’re having trouble sleeping or feel like your skin isn’t as clear as it should be, consider making an appointment with a dermatologist before trying anything else. They might be able to recommend something more effective than over-the-counter creams or serums.


And lastly, when you sleep well your bodies produce growth hormones that help keep you looking younger longer! This means fewer fine lines around your eyes when you wake up each morning too.



Wash Your Face With Gentle Cleansers To Fight Acne


If you have acne, make sure you’re washing your face with a gentle cleanser. When it comes to choosing the right cleanser for your skin and treating acne, there are lots of options out there. But not all soaps and face washes are created equal!


Look for products that contain salicylic acid as their main ingredient–this ingredient can help prevent new breakouts from forming on top of existing pimples. If these don’t work for you or if they cause irritation (which is common), try using a gel cleanser instead, as gels tend to be less harsh than other types of facial cleansers because they contain fewer ingredients overall.



Focus On Drinking Plenty Of Water Regularly


Water helps flush out toxins from your body and makes them easier to remove through sweat or other means. If these toxins are not yet removed, Dr Wayne Lajewski believes that they can cause breakouts and blemishes on the surface of the skin.


Other than that, water also helps keep tissues moist, which makes them look younger and more vibrant in appearance. It’s also been shown that drinking plenty of water helps plump up collagen fibers in the dermis layer where wrinkles form – meaning if you want fewer wrinkles later on down the road, drink up!



Watch Out For Sun Damage, Even If It’s Not 100 Degrees Out


It’s not just the hot temperatures that can lead to sun damage. Even if it’s cloudy, you’re still at risk for skin cancer when you’re outside. That’s because UV rays can penetrate through clouds and windows, so even if you think you’re safe from the sun while inside your house or car, keeping your skin covered up with clothing and sunscreen is still important!


Sunscreen isn’t 100% effective at blocking out UV rays, as it can wear off over time, plus some people don’t like how greasy it feels on their faces. That said, sunscreen is still one of the best ways for people who spend a lot of time outdoors to reduce their risk of developing wrinkles or other signs of aging caused by exposure to ultraviolet light (UV).