Ensure Safety and Value for Money with fake wedding rings

It will be one of the biggest days of your life when you plan to propose the love of your life. Of course, a surprise proposal will be the best idea as women love surprises. And women love diamonds too. But what if she does not like the ring? What if she turns down your proposal for certain issues which you never knew? Of course, the heartbreak will be painful. But the unnecessary spending of thousands of dollars for nothing will be more painful. So why not starts the story with the fake rings? It does not decrease the romance of the story if you think so.

Fitting issue

When you are proposing the lady, you cannot take the measurement of the finger’s diameter and then buy the ring. So it might be smaller or bigger than the actual perfect size for the lady. In that case, the entire investment will be pointless. So buy the duplicate one right now. Only if she agrees to the wedding can you take her to the shop, prefer her choice and then buy her the real diamond. It is better to make her feel special in this way as, according to your wife, you are too much in love to gift two diamond rings.

Duplicate wedding rings

Sometimes, you are so blind in love that you forget to sum up the price tags for the gifts that you buy. Proposing with the diamond ring in the champagne glass was something that you planned long ago. After she accepts the proposal and has a wedding day mark on the calendar, you realize you need to buy another ring for the ceremony. Unless you have a huge bank balance, you might not prefer to spend more on jewelry. So buy the fake wedding rings that will look even better than the real ones. The friends and relatives will be happy with the beautiful ring while you will be happy to save a considerable amount.

Safety of the lady

If your wife has to travel alone a lot for business purposes, then wearing a big rock on her finger might compromise her safety. The real diamond rings will call for trouble if she is not in a very safe place. Even if someone steals the ring or forcefully takes it away, you won’t feel that bad for it was fake. You can even share the little secret with your wife at that moment, too, so that she does not feel so bad about the loss.