Few Reasons to Hire Pre-shipment Inspection Service, While Sourcing from China

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) Services in China - Jonble Company

Conducting pre-shipment inspection in China is essential for businesses importing goods from Chinese suppliers. This practice is instrumental in mitigating issues related to substandard manufacturing and deceptive suppliers.

Improved product quality not only leads to increased customer satisfaction, but also contributes to generating positive reviews.

The positive feedback from satisfied customers holds immense significance in ensuring the sustained prosperity of a product within the Amazon FBA platform.

Independent research underscores the vital link between favourable reviews and sales, a crucial aspect when vying against competitors offering similar items.

What a pre-shipment inspection is?

A pre-shipment inspection involves a methodical examination of randomly chosen product samples taken from all batches of your order. This inspection occurs when your production has reached a minimum of 80% completion.

Its purpose is to offer a final chance for your company to make necessary improvements before your product undergoes finalization and packaging.

Consequently, ensuring that the pre-shipment inspection service firm you enlist can perform the task effectively.

There can be several reasons why sourcing from China, businesses should seek pre-shipment inspection service. The following are a few reasons companies should conduct a particular pre-shipment inspection in China.

  1. Avoid paying for defective products

Conducting a pre-shipment inspection in China empowers you to address issues at their origin. In contrast, if you inspect your shipment upon its arrival at the destination, your options are limited in identifying faulty items.


Consequently, you would incur expenses for shipping the products from China to your country and returning them to China.


  1. Avoid costly returns

Organizing a pre-shipment inspection in China before exporting can prevent the need to manage numerous products returns due to customer dissatisfaction.


A substantial volume of returns can significantly affect your monthly profits, as Amazon issues refunds without extensive inquiries.


Ultimately, the accountability for ensuring customer contentment with the delivered products rests on your shoulders.   


  1. Accurate product listing

Ensuring that your product listing on Amazon accurately reflects the quality and specifications of your items is a logical and ethical approach. Anything diverging from this standard could potentially be labelled as deceptive.


While many sellers assume that suppliers will fulfil their commitments, not all Chinese manufacturers operate with the same level of honesty. Unfortunately, this assumption is common among new sellers.


Ultimately, as the seller, you are responsible for ensuring that the product you are offering aligns with the promised attributes – for instance, selling a silk blanket and delivering on that promise instead of substituting it with rayon.


Engaging in a pre-shipment inspection service offers a comprehensive overview and serves as a tool to avert such misrepresentations.


  1. Meet the requirements of packaging and labelling

Incorrect packaging and labelling pose significant risks to your business, primarily for two key reasons:


  • Erroneous labelling can result in substantial penalties by US customs and border control.


  • Labelled shipments need to be corrected to ensure the status of your FBA seller account.


It is wiser to incorporate precise packaging and labelling instructions as integral components of your specifications, both to be communicated to your Chinese manufacturer and to be included in the guidelines for your third-party inspector.


  1. Manage quality and reviews

Undoubtedly, this stands as a critical focal point. For FBA sellers, among the most potent instruments to draw potential buyers to your Amazon product page is the collection of product reviews. Business Insider says favourable reviews can elevate sales by over 20%.


Pre-shipment inspection service can serve as both a necessary and advantageous approach for purchasers and manufacturers to guarantee that products adhere to regulatory norms before reaching customs.

This process guarantees a company’s reputation remains untarnished by delivering substandard or potentially hazardous goods to clients. With third-party inspection agents in place, it instils confidence in maintaining a streamlined and effective supply chain, offering peace of mind.