Get To Know About Start-Up Visa Program

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No doubt, settling in Canada with your family is still a dream of many people from all over the world for different purposes. If you are one who is investing the money in setting up the business in Canada, then you must get a start-up visa by completing the entire documentation of IRCC.

Before getting a start-up visa program through IRCC, it is mandatory for entrepreneurs to learn languages so that they will be able to run their business in Canada. Also, before submitting your application for canada investor visa then you must know all the documentation in order to set up your business in an appropriate manner.

Entrepreneur start-up visa program

The start up visa canada program for an entrepreneur is different in terms of application fees, documentation, and many more as compared to other visas. Before setting up the business in Canada, applicants must complete an application form with proper documents and other ones so that it becomes easier to legally run your business.

Whether you are applying for a study or business visa, make sure to fill the form on the official site by fulfilling the mandatory details in the application form. If you are applying through the official site then you get a tracking sheet that helps you to track your visa process at any time and any place.

Top 3 Eligibility Requirements

Before going to deal with the Start-Up Visa Program then you must know about three requirements that help you to legally set up your business. Here we will discuss eligibility requirements for the Canadian immigration Start-Up Visa.


Education requirement


Applicants who want to set up their business in Canada then they must have at least one year of study at a post-secondary institution. Applicants also attached their education profile in the document list so that they will be able to submit their application in an appropriate manner.


Applicants can provide certificates, diplomas, degrees, and a letter of good standing as proof. These proofs help the applicants to submit their application as per the Canadian Government terms and policies. Never forget to attach any document in your submitted profile otherwise you may not be able to set up your business in Canada in the long run.




Entrepreneurs must have enough amount of money in their bank account to support themselves in the business and their family, once they immigrate to Canada. As we all know that funds are very crucial especially when you setting up your business, because it helps the applicants to take their business at the peak and make a good source of income by growing up consistently.


The Final Words!


All the points as mentioned-earlier are very essential for applicants to understand them so that they will be able to successfully run their business in Canada even with minimal effort. Lastly, make sure to run your business in Canada as per the Canadian Government terms and policies, if you want to settle permanently.