How could you protect your digital transactions and money?

You can protect your 꽁머니 from online scammers by doing the following whenever you involve in an online activity.

Begin with password

The first thing that would save you from spammers in the digital world is your password for your accounts online. Let us assume that your password for your UPI application is 1234. Half of the UPI users would have this as their password and it is the most easily predictable password ever. You should not use these kinds of passwords for any account you have online. Even for your social media handle, your password should be strong enough so that no one could crack it. It is not only enough to create a strong password but also you should keep on changing the password frequently to be on the safer side. You should never think of sharing your password with anyone. 

Study the privacy policy 

Every online entity would have a privacy policy to state the usage of the private information collected from the visitors of the website. A private policy could tell you what is all the information that will be collected from you and who could get to see that information. Some sites would share these details with external sources also. If they do so, they would have notified you of the privacy policy. It is your responsibility to check whether there is such information-sharing activity going on with the company. Some sites will allow you to cancel this information sharing. However, it is not advisable to use a website and provide your personal information without reading the privacy policy. 

VPNs would help

Your private information would get into the hands of hackers and cybercrime people only because of the faults in the encryption of the network connection between you and the website. So, if you could do something to encrypt the communication between the website and yourself, you can stop your information from being stolen. A VPN could do this by encrypting everything that you enter on the website.

Avoid phishing attempts

Usually, the best way to get your private details is to get them via a fake website. However, the fakers would require a trick to get you to that websites. So, they will send you emails and messages with links to those websites and a story to cover their activity. For instance, you may get an email mentioning that you have attractive offers on the products on an e-commerce website if it is a peak season. So, you will get tempted by the offers and would end up clicking on those links. Once you do so, you would not go to the e-commerce website. Instead, you would end up in something that asks for your personal and banking information. If you provide them with the hope of getting some products at a low price, you will be lost. So, you should avoid all such attempts. It is advisable not to click anything on the emails from unknown sources.