How do you think Mercedes-Benz styling has changed over time?

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Mercedes-Benz has long been known for its design and styling, but it’s not always so clear exactly which vehicles will be included in this book. Throughout the years, the company has changed the look of its models, including the S-Class and C-Class. The design of the W203 C-Class, for example, was a little too boxy, playing up the “baby Benz” narrative. In contrast, the W211 E-Class was far more stylish, with a more streamlined shape and a pronounced trunk.

Mercedes-Benz Styling strive to create vehicles that evoke an air of luxury and a sense of modernity. To achieve this, they use a philosophy known as ‘Sensual Purity’, which emphasizes reduced edges and indentations on sheet metal. The result is clear, sensual surfaces, and an expression of modern luxury. Ultimately, a Mercedes-Benz car’s design contributes to the overall image of the brand, and the brand’s designers believe that good design must be both beautiful and intelligent.

Mercedes-Benz is renowned for its cutting-edge styling and dynamic performance. Its vehicles are also highly customizable, allowing customers to customize the interior to their own unique tastes. Even its exterior can be customized to the smallest details. In this way, the cars can be made even more unique.

Moreover, Mercedes-Benz has always been at the forefront of innovation. They are continually looking for ways to improve the materials used in their models. The latest generation of C-Class cars, for example, uses a large percentage of aluminum, recycled plastic, and renewable raw materials. The interiors of these luxury vehicles also make the environment more friendly.

The F800 Style research vehicle is an exemplary Mercedes-Benz that shows how the brand is progressing. It combines high-tech safety systems, innovative drive systems, and avant-garde design. It’s not just a show car, but a technology platform. The design team’s advanced engineering and technical research departments in Sindelfingen, Germany, have worked together to come up with an impressive automobile that is both safe and stylish.

The MANUFAKTUR label is also an important part of the Mercedes-Benz brand. It manifests the philosophy of personalized luxury and cutting through the crowd. It also emphasizes idiosyncratic details and handmade craftsmanship. MANUFAKTUR also reflects the manufacturer’s philosophy of using high-quality materials in the design of a luxury automobile.

As a Mercedes-Benz, the interiors are luxurious and stylish. The recent Q7 and A4 models are particularly notable. The F800 Style also has rear doors. The front doors are attached to the A-pillar and open wide towards the front, while the rear doors slide backward. The doors are also suspended on an interior swivel arm. This allows for easier access to the rear of the car in tight spaces.

The cabin of the EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style is quite roomy, and it has enough space to accommodate eight passengers. The modular design that can be seen in the Mercedes-Benz R-Class range served as inspiration for the interior design. It is possible to take off the seats and rearrange them to provide more room for luggage. 

In addition to that, there is a monitor that is 15 inches in size and three multi-function boxes in the cabin. This provides a great deal of freedom for business travellers. In addition to that, it has a partition wall for additional storage space.