How to Find Quality NHL Streams on Reddit

Hockey is a sport loved by millions of fans worldwide. From the avid NHL fans to the casual ones, everyone wants to watch the games live as they happen. Unfortunately, watching NHL games live can be quite expensive, especially if you’re not in the United States or Canada. However, thanks to the internet, streaming has made it possible to watch live NHL games for free. One of the most popular streaming platforms is Reddit. Here’s how you can enjoy watching nhl free stream games for free on Reddit.

Find a Relevant Subreddit

Reddit has thousands of subreddits, and not all of them will be relevant for streaming NHL games. The first step in streaming NHL games is to search for subreddits that offer streaming services. The most popular NHL subreddit is r/NHLStreams, where fans share links to stream live games. You can also check out some of the smaller subreddits such as r/LazyMan, r/nhl_games, and r/hockeystreams. Joining these communities will give you access to links to live hockey games, and you can chat with other fans while watching the game.

Choose a Reliable Streaming Link

Once you have found a subreddit that offers NHL game links, it’s time to choose a reliable streaming link. You’ll find multiple links, so ensure to choose the one that’s highly ranked and has more positive comments from other viewers. Pay attention to the quality of the streaming link too. Look for links that stream games in HD, which will give you the best viewing experience. Also, be aware that some links may require a plugin or an extension for your browser.

Be Cautious of Scammers

While Reddit is a great platform for streaming NHL games, it’s not immune to scammers. Scammers may post links disguised as live NHL game streams but include viruses or malware, which could harm your device. Always double-check the source of the link before clicking on it. If the poster is new to Reddit or has low karma, it’s best to stay away from their links. Also, never share any personal information on these links, such as your credit card information.

Explore Different Options for Streaming

NHL games are streamed by multiple channels and platforms. If you experience buffering or can’t find a reliable streaming link, try exploring other streaming options. Some of the most popular channels that stream NHL hockey games include the NHL app, Hulu, and Sling. Most of these services offer a free trial period, and you can cancel before the end of the trial period to avoid being charged.

Use a VPN

If you’re outside the United States or Canada, there’s a high chance that NHL streams on Reddit might not be accessible. In such a case, you can use a VPN to bypass geographic restrictions. A VPN will mask your IP address, making it seem like you are in the United States or Canada. This way, you can stream live NHL games without any restrictions.


Streaming NHL games on Reddit is a great way to enjoy live sports without having to pay for expensive cable subscriptions. However, always remember to be cautious of scammers, choose a reliable streaming link, explore different options for streaming, and use a VPN if necessary. With these tips, you’ll always have a great streaming experience right from the comfort of your home.