How To Get Safe And Legal Access To DC WEED

Marijuana consumption in Washington D.C. has been legalized for quite some time now. Although consumption is allowed, many other conditions are included in its legalization. The legalization was prompted by the voters’ initiative called Initiative 71 in 2004.

This initiative pushed for consumption of recreational marijuana to be allowed and legal in Washington D.C. after the majority of voters agreed to have it passed. This move stirred many discussions and debated in the capital state. Many citizens still oppose the recreational purposes of marijuana but in the end majority of them believed otherwise.

Initiative 71 has imposed certain limitations to marijuana consumption D.C. through the rules that it implements on users. To get a glimpse of how marijuana consumption is practiced in Washington D.C., here are some of the rules that are implemented:

  • The consumption is limited to adult individuals aged 21 years and older only.
  • It is strictly prohibited to sell or involve marijuana in any form of trade.
  • Instead of selling, marijuana is distributed through gifting such as giving as freebies along with other products or services purchased by consumers.
  • Legitimate individuals are allowed to plant, grow and cultivate their own cannabis plant. However, this is allowed for up to 6 plants only with only 3 plants being mature during the growing period.
  • Planting and cultivating marijuana in their own homes was solely for the purpose of personal use. Mass production is not allowed.
  • Publicly using marijuana like smoking or other forms, is not allowed. It is strictly prohibited and violators will be penalized.
  • Adult individuals using marijuana are only allowed to possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana each. Exceeding the determined amount will be subject to penalties.

 Where To Get Marijuana in D.C.

Initiative 71 prohibits the exchange of weed for money, product or service. Since selling of weed is highly prohibited in Washington D.C., marijuana users either rely on their own grown marijuana or through gifting services of establishments. The system will only be favorable to citizens residing in D.C. but not to visiting tourists or non-residents. In which case, they can get marijuana only from establishments participating in marijuana gifting.

Businesses are not allowed to directly sell marijuana to customers. Instead, weed is provided as a free gift after purchasing their product or service. The initiative passed in 2004 aimed to legalize consumption of recreational marijuana with certain limitations which included direct selling of weed in D.C.

One way to source weed in D.C. is by purchasing products from establishments that provide them as freebies. Some of these are restaurants or food establishments. They provide complimentary weed as a gift for diners or other customers.

You can also look for accommodations that allow smoking, specifically weed. Booking their accommodation will sometimes come with a free supply of marijuana which you can consume within their vicinity instead of using it in public places where it is prohibited. Aside from getting a place to stay, you also get a place where smoking weed is allowed.