How To Paint Your Nails At Home Like A Pro

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In the rush of everyday life, there is not always time or willingness to go to the manicure, right? So, if you want to learn how to paint your nails at home or how to paint nails with cute designs easily (วิธี เพ้นท์ เล็บ ลาย น่า รัก ง่ายๆ which is the term in Thai), this post will solve the problem once and for all. That said, as you will see in the list below, we have separated some useful tips for you to learn how to paint your nails at home with professional effects.

So, these tips, as you’ll find out, can “save your skin” when you make that nail polish patch, test that color you thought was beautiful and ended up buying, and even don’t run out of color on your nails anyway when you cannot see the manicure.

Best of all, there is no secret to this task. So, to paint your nails at home like a professional, you need to have a little patience and practice.

How To Paint Your Nails For A Professional Effect At Home:

  1. First, always have a polishing pad. It softens nail curls and makes the enamel finish more professional. To do this, use the sandpaper horizontally, making light back and forth movements.
  2. Moisturize cuticles well, especially after removing the excess. That said, this tip will avoid dry skin as the cuticle grows back, which detonates the look of the nails, even if the nail polish is still pretty.
  3. Next, organize all the material needed to paint the nail before starting, making the whole process easier. Therefore, keep nail polishes, cotton, wooden sticks, acetone, and topcoat close by. This prevents a lot of headaches while you’re painting your nail.
  4. When applying the nail polish, place both hands on a surface. In this way, it makes the hand firmer, which makes life much easier!
  5. Start with the colorless base. It helps level and makes the enamel stick better.
  6. Also, when it comes to a coat of enamel, two or three are enough. If you overdose, the nail polish gets thick; it can create balls, crumple, and chip more easily.
  7. Also, if you can’t pass the enamel without smudging, use the one with the dry wooden toothpick, without cotton, to do the initial cleaning of the corners. With it, you’ll be able to separate the nail from the smudged enamel, which makes finishing much easier.

NOTE: When cleaning the tip of the toothpick, before going to another nail, use the back of your hand or a piece of paper. Therefore, cleaning the wooden toothpick on the towel can take strands of fiber to the nail, which tends to spoil the wet enamel.