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How to select the best air conditioner for your home

Do you want to buy a good air conditioner without an aircon leak? Visit the nearest shop outlet to collect one. But how will you choose the most appropriate one which will suit your home or office needs? An air conditioner unit is an essential electric appliance in your office or at home. There are different types of air conditioners with diverse characteristics that are confusing.

You have the money and the willingness to buy one of them. It’s the best time to get the best-suited AC air conditioning system for your home. Let’s look at the things to consider as your source for one.

  1. Budget

Your budget is the main factor in considering the type of machine you will buy. If you have a strained budget, then go for the cheap portable and window air conditioners. Remember that these two categories can only cool one room at a time. If you need to cool two rooms at once, then buy the mini-split or the ductless conditioners. Smart AC air conditioners are pretty expensive than their conventional counterparts. However, it’s cheap to run these air conditioners since they are all energy savers. The cost for the smart AC controller air conditioners goes up to USD 120.

The central air conditioning unit is expensive than the AC and ductless controllers. The central conditioners are also more effective than the previous one mentioned above.

These conditioners have a long-life span than the window and portable conditioners. When you compare the running cost, the central air conditioners are expensive.

Geothermal cooling and heating are the most expensive option in the market. The two have unique effectiveness and efficiency that you can’t match with the other. When you save and invest in one geothermal cooling and heating system, it will serve you your entire life. Though they are the most expensive, these air conditioners tend to be cheap in the long run. It’s because of their energy-saving principle.

  1.  Energy consumption

You need to buy a sound energy-saving air conditioning system. It will help you reduce your office or home utility bills. The energy-saving ratio in these appliances is the EER rating. It’s essential to check the cheapest option that you can put into consideration. The higher the EER rating, the more the efficiency. Also, check the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). It’s the cooling output when divided by total energy input during the same periods. You calculate the EER at a fixed temperature point. For the SEER, you calculate over a cooling season of many months and temperatures. The higher the SEER, the more energy efficiency.

  1. Maintenance and space requirements

It’s essential to pick a machine that is easy to maintain if you need it to serve you for long. Also, buy the conditioner that will fit in your home or office space well. Among the many available brands, always choose the one that will fit your space well and is easy to maintain.

  1. The heating and cooling powers

Many people assume this specification is only for the AC air conditioner, but it’s not. It applies to all air conditioners in existence. The (BTUs) British thermal units measure the air conditioners’ heating or cooling system. The higher the British thermal units of an air conditioner, the more the heating or cooling power. The average BTUs capacity in the standard rooms should range between 6000 – 12000. Check for the AC that suits your room size as it will help consume less energy.


Many brands are in the market. When you buy any of them, check the price, cooling power, ease of use, and maintenance.

Enjoy your summer!