How to work with a Nudify application?

Nowadays, when working with the nudify application, the photo is professionally processed, as a result of which you can remove the clothes from a photo.

Neural network based on artificial intelligence 

In recent years, neural networks have become an integral part of our daily lives. They have found application in a wide variety of areas, from medicine to the financial sector. However, their use is not always aimed at achieving highly moral goals. Along with the development of photo technologies, another kind of side appeared – neural networks designed to “undress” people.

Each image may have small details to edit or enhance. Most of the professional photos are retouched by experts and do not have any flaws. These results can be achieved after hours of editing using special tools and skills. However, not all selfie lovers can find and pay for professional photo processing. For example, a small correction of the shoulder from the bra line can cost a lot of money.

An application that removes clothes from photos

The neural network is developed on the basis of artificial intelligence. It is able to remove clothes from a photo by analyzing the uploaded file, and the result will be impressively detailed and accurate since artificial intelligence will work out all the nuances that are available to it. This technology is also called “Deepfake”.

With the help of neural networks, the nudification program is able to remove clothes from photos of women and draw parts of the naked body instead of them in a few clicks. The processing of each photo takes about 30 seconds, while the fake pictures turn out to be quite realistic.

At the same time, the site is designed specifically to “expose” women – if you process a man’s photo on it, then the final image will have female genitals.