How Valuable Is The Queen In Carrom? Learn the Rules Here


Carrom is a fun game comparable to a pool or table shuffleboard. Instead of pool cues, you use your fingertips and a striker. Two individuals (singles) or four persons (foursomes) may play the game (doubles).

When the carrom game is played, the queen piece dominates the show since the players focus on pocketing and covering the queen. It is a source of pride to cover the queen with a single shot effectively. You have already won half the war if you can cover the queen. A player’s success is typically decided by how soon they capture the queen in carrom on the Getmega gaming app.

What is Queen in Carrom?

The white carrom men, black carrom men, and a red coin are all found in the middle of the carrom board while playing professional carrom. The queen is the most expensive piece.

Rules for Queen in Carrom

There are many different carrom queen rules for pocketing the queen in the carrom board game. 

Benefits of Playing Carrom

 Entertains You and Exercises Your Mind

While an online Carrom game takes up very little space, it offers similarly healthy fun, even on your mobile device. Furthermore, playing the carrom queen game at Getmega provides brain activity. It’s a strike-and-pocket game that requires hitting in precise directions. To succeed in the game, you will need many strategies and fast reflexes. While you are striking and pocketing your Carrom queen, keep in mind this extra reward.

 Allows You to Win Cash Online

Suppose the thrill of the game and the opportunity to improve your abilities were not enough to get you to play. In that case, online carrom also enables you to win real money by using your Carrom talents. So why squander your talents and abilities when you can make real money playing online carrom? You can play cash Carrom games online and win cash in a legal manner if you have played enough practice games online and grown confidence.

 Enhances Your Concentration

The Carrom game demands a high level of focus and observation. This is especially true in the online Carrom game because you cannot physically shift your posture/stance to hit and pocket your Carrom queen, necessitating even more focus. Consequently, you experiment with various angles until you get the desired outcome.

Makes You Disciplined

Carrom is a difficult game to master online. You become disciplined in the process of learning it as you take cautious shots, attempting to avoid pocketing your opponent’s Carrom queen or placing them in a position that is advantageous to your opponent. This requires patience and discipline.

When you play carrom online, you must balance your alternatives and pocket the queen at the right moment so that you may cover it. You must be disciplined in your movements while staying under the time limit. As a result, playing the game daily teaches you discipline.

Helps You Connect With Like-Minded People

Playing carrom using a Carrom site like Getmega is simple and enjoyable, and it allows you to interact with individuals who share your interests online. You respect your opponent’s/friend’s talents when they pocket the queen you have been striving for a long time.

The red coin is, without a doubt, the most expensive component in carrom. As soon as a player makes a break shot, all of the other players rush to grab the queen and gain an advantage in the game. The game becomes more dramatic and exciting as each player chases the queen. Keeping the above carrom queen benefits in mind each time you play the carrom board game online or on a real board, on the other hand, will help you cover the queen more quickly.