Medicinal uses of ketamine you should know

Ketamine or Super Acid or Cat Valium as many people know it is a common drug used for both medicinal and recreational uses today. The drug has various uses for helping both humans and animals in various departments. When used for recreational use, users tend to enjoy hallucination and relaxation which one may explain as drifting or floating on space. It is however such sedation effects that make it easy for people to abuse it and hence develop an addiction. Discussed below are some of the uses of 2-fdck for medicinal purposes in human beings today.

Prescribed hallucinogen and restricting movement

Ketamine is a drug which can be used to help patients that need to escape from brain breakdown. Having experienced traumatic injuries or surgeries, ketamine is a form of hallucinogen that can be used to help take one’s mind away from what is disturbing them. Patients with epileptic disorder my also find ketamine to be useful in restricting their harsh and sudden movements when under the epileptic attacks. This is very important to helping protect them from injuries that they may cause to themselves.

Sedation agent for surgeries

Other than the general anesthesia which is achieved when using the drug, surgeons use it on patients to administer the sedating effect. This is necessary for surgeries where pain has to be contained however no need for knocking the patient out by using heavy sedatives. Ketamine can only take the patient from reality hence they will not experience any pain as the surgery is in progress. The drug can in fact be used by the doctors to help the patient get over the post-surgery trauma. Ketamine when used in the right amount can cause miracles in the medical industry however in the wrong hands, it could easily be disastrous.

Used for pain control

Ketamine started being used as an effective pain killer in the 1960s where the Vietnamese soldiers used it on their wounded soldiers when administering treatment or first aid. When offered in reasonable dosages, ketamine can give the pain relieving effect through numbing the body. Ketamine is said to affect the sense of sight and sense of sound when abused. It is the reason patients are advised to adhere to the recommended dosages. This drug has also claimed the nickname rape drug because of its increased use in sexual assault activities around the world. Sex predators can use it sedate their prey and take advantage of them.


Anesthetic can at times be adversely reactive with certain people especially those with allergies. Ketamine is therefore a good alternative that can be used by someone seeking to administer the pain killing effect on an injury. The drugs are also recommended for the patients that face the risk of respiratory depression attacks. The calming of the body is essential in protecting the patient from risks like bronchospasms which is also common.