Meet Me at the Pitch: Joining Forces for an International Soccer Relay

The Overseas Soccer Relay is a global celebration of soccer that brings together fans from around the world. It is a unique event that unites people in their love of the sport and encourages them to share stories, experiences, and knowledge related to soccer. It also serves as a great opportunity for local teams or players to bond, learn more about the game, and develop friendships with other people who have a passion for soccercut TV (큐티비)

How it Works

The Overseas Soccer Relay is an online event that starts on May 1st and runs until June 30th every year. During this time, fans from across the globe are encouraged to join in on the festivities by creating their own virtual relay team and participating in activities such as watching matches, sharing photos or videos related to soccer, attending local events or tournaments, or even organizing your own match! Each participant will then post updates about their team’s progress on social media using #OverseasSoccerRelay. At the end of each month, teams will be awarded points based on how active they were throughout the month. The team that has accumulated the most points at the end of June will be declared the winner!

In addition to participating in fun activities and earning points for their teams, participants can also win prizes such as jerseys from professional teams or signed memorabilia. There are also opportunities for players to work with clubs around the world in order to gain valuable experience and knowledge about soccer. The Overseas Soccer Relay provides a great way for fans of all ages and backgrounds to come together and celebrate their shared love of soccer regardless of location!

Benefits of Participating

Participating in this global celebration has many benefits beyond just having fun! It gives people an opportunity to make connections with others who share their passion for soccer while also learning more about different cultures through conversations with other participants. Additionally, it provides an outlet for creativity as participants work together to come up with creative ideas for activities that they can do as part of their relay team without ever leaving home. Finally, it’s a great way for players young and old alike to stay engaged with the game during times when competitive play may be limited due to lockdowns or travel restrictions.


Whether you’re looking for a way to connect with fellow fans worldwide or just want an excuse to watch your favorite teams play, there’s no better way than joining in on The Overseas Soccer Relay! Not only does it offer an exciting platform where you can show off your skills (or lack thereof) but it also provides an opportunity for everyone involved—young players included—to continue enjoying this beloved game despite pandemic-related limitations. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and let’s kick off this global celebration together!