Men’s Streetwear Jeans – A New Generation Prototype

So, what are Streetwear jeans?

Streetwear jeans are simply as the name suggests, streetwear which means, casual and funky jeans you can wear anytime as per your comfort and wish. The popularity spiked in the 90s is still a fashion statement of many. The streetwear jeans mainly originated from hip-hop, rap, basketball, skaters, etc. type of events and are mainly oversized.

Characters of Men’s Streetwear Jeans 

Streetwear jeans have a versatile combination and style but the basics should always be:

  • Comfort – You should be comfortable as you wear your house clothes, it should make you feel light. If you can’t be comfortable then it’s not streetwear.
  • Unique Styles – Always lookout for a unique style and undoubtedly the coolest! Though it’s gender-neutral now. Bomber jackets with baggy torn streetwear jeans – Fire! 
  • Scarcity – The chosen type of streetwear jeans shouldn’t be common. Or at least shouldn’t be of the same shade. It is all about limited wear collection and scarcity in finding one. 
  • Art and designs – The baggy graphic streetwear jeans with logos made by contemporary brands are the classic ones. Pick before they go out of stock! 

What to wear with Men’s Streetwear Jeans?

  • Expend on Sneakers – Sneakers really bring out the vibe of an authentic streetwear look and goes well with the streetwear jeans. 
  • Choose a single brand – Try to bring out the ‘dope’ look only from one brand, it looks more appealing and official. 
  • Adjust your proportions – Try something with low waist streetwear jeans or add some oversized sweatshirts or maybe the fundamental baggy denim streetwear jeans with high-end sneakers. Adjust accordingly to your wish that looks the best on you.
  • Be yourself – Expect the unexpected, streetwear jeans go with almost everything, the creativity lies within you. The most important thing is being comfortable and happy with the combination you wear. Be the funkiness you always wished for! 


Though it was famous in the 90s since 2015 the use of them has drastically increased. We have seen a lot of celebrities promote Men’s Streetwear Jeans, the best example would be Justin Bieber. He wears them most of the time with a hooded sweatshirt and sneakers. Well, if you want to look quirky at a budget price, this is the look you will love the most. Normal jeans are more on the right side, but streetwear is way more comfortable and it also pulls off a trendy and unique style statement. 

Streetwear jeans are for everyone, and it’s easy to put around, isn’t it? And you don’t have to work hard or shop a lot for these. Just the basic things and you are pretty much done. Also, men tend to spend less on their clothes so it would be just the perfect outlook to opt for. It is really fun and you can do literally do anything and anywhere with this pair of jeans. On top of that, it’s a unique style of your own which gives it a different aesthetic appeal.