Overview of the outside and inside bets of roulette

If you visit online casinos like จีคลับ, you could find roulette games. Let us discuss the different types of bets in the various variations of online roulette in this article. 

Outside bets 

Red/Black – When you look at the prints on the roulette wheel, you can notice the use of two colors for all the numbers. Either a number would be in red background, or it would be in a black background. Your option to place an outside bet based on the color would be on either of these. Let us assume that you choose red for your bet. You will win the payout if the ball ends up on any space that is filled red. 

Even/Odd – Like colors, this type of bet will ask you to predict the type of number, either an odd or an even number for the ball’s landing. 

High/Low – The digits below 18 are low numbers, and those above 18 are high numbers. You can choose either a low or a high. 

Inside bets

Straight up – In this type of inside bet, the money chips will find a place on any of the thirty-six or thirty-seven numbers on the rotating roulette wheel. You can choose any number as you wish. But the ball should land on the selected space alone to get you the winning amount. Let us assume that you choose number 9 for your bet, and the ball lands on 10 instead. You will not get any money in this case. You will get the payout if the ball is found on 9 after the spin. Compared to other types of roulette bets, a straight-up bet could be the toughest one to win as the probability of getting the right number is 35:1. 

Split – If you do not have faith in the selection of a single number for your bet in the rotating wheel with thirty-six numbers, you can go with two adjacent digits. In this case, you will place the betting chips on two squares with two numbers. You can take the payout wherever the ball ends up among these two spaces. You should keep in mind that you could not select two spaces that are far from each other. 

Street – In this type of inside bet, you will get the luxury of choosing any three digits on the rotating wheel for your bet. It is simply an addition of one space to the split bet. You can take the payout for the ball’s placement on any of these three digits. Usually, the probability of winning the payout in a street bet would be 11:1. 

Corner – As we are adding one space to the previous variation of bets regularly, your guess of four spaces for the corner bet is right. In this bet, you should choose any four spaces so that they form a square on the wheel and place your bets on them. You can get the payout when the ball lands on any one of these four spaces.