Peace Initiatives: Attempts to Resolve the Israel-Palestine Conflict

The Israel-Palestine conflict has been one of the most significant and contentious issues in the Middle East for more than a century. The conflict has caused a lot of lives, destroyed homes and infrastructure, and has left the region destabilized. The international community has been actively involved in the conflict with the aim of finding a solution to the conflict. This blog post explores the role of the international community in the Israel and Palestine conflict.

The international community has played a significant role in the Israel-Palestine conflict. The conflict has been a matter of concern for the international community as it has affected the stability of the region and global security. The United Nations (UN) has been one of the most important international organizations involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The UN has tried to resolve the conflict through various initiatives, including the setting up of committees and issuing resolutions on the conflict. The UN has also sent peacekeeping missions to monitor and prevent violence, as well as provide humanitarian aid.

The United States of America has also been actively involved in the Israel and Palestine conflict, and it has tried to play a mediator’s role. In 1993, the Oslo Accords mediated by the US provided the framework for peace talks between Israel and Palestine. The peace talks resulted in the establishment of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The US has also tried to push for a two-state solution that would see Israel and Palestine coexist peacefully. However, the peace talks have stalled, and the situation has remained volatile.

The European Union has also played a significant role in the conflict. The EU has used its trade and aid policies to push Israel and Palestine towards peace. The EU has called out human rights abuses, provided humanitarian aid, and funded peace-building initiatives. In 2014, the EU issued guidelines that would prevent its members from providing aid to Israeli settlements in the West Bank. However, the EU has been criticized for not being influential enough in resolving the conflict.

The Arab League has also been involved in the Israel-Palestine conflict. The Arab League has supported Palestine’s claims for independence and has called for an end to Israeli occupation. The Arab League has tried to present a unified front and has been actively involved in peace initiatives. However, the Arab League’s intervention in the conflict has also been criticized for its bias towards Palestine.


In conclusion, the role of the international community in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is crucial. The UN, the US, the EU, and the Arab League have all tried to find solutions to the conflict. Although these efforts have not yet yielded positive results, international involvement is still very much needed to bring about peace in the region. It is critical that these organizations continue their efforts to end the conflict as it is in the interest of global security and stability. Ending the conflict will also provide the much-needed peace, stability, and prosperity for the people of Israel and Palestine. Therefore, it is essential that the international community intensifies its efforts to find a lasting solution to the conflict.