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Kyoto 1-Day Tour - Kyoto Day Tour - Japan Package


The pandemic of 2020 still has its effect on the tourism industry. The sudden rise in the number of cases is affecting the travel plans of thousands of tourists. So the Japanese travel and tourism industry is coming up with interesting packages to encourage tourism. A virtual tour using Zoom is now a favorite of many travelers who want to get out of the four walls. Using a platform like Zoom, the virtual tour is going to take you through the beautiful city of Kyoto. An interactive host will make the tour a realistic one. To make the experience livelier, the companies use photos, videos, and actual goods from the host’s living room.

Gion night walking

And if you think it is worth going for a vacation this year and Japan is your destination, then you should plan the japan Kyoto toursOne of the key points of interest in these tours is the visit to the magical Gion district. It is the geisha of the city. Language won’t be a barrier as most tour managers arrange for translators to explain the differences between geiko, maiko, and several other Japanese terms. It is easy to lose yourself in the unmarked streets of Gion. But with a guide, there are no worries, and you can enjoy the calm night walk that can be the best detox. 

Being samurai

Are you ready to learn the basic skills of the samurai? Then add a couple of hours of training at the samurai school for learning the preliminary techniques of the ancient fierce Japanese warriors. You can even join the classes where they will teach you the basics of using a sword and folding fan. Safeguard the memories forever with a photo session after the class. You can also discover Kembu, the traditional performing arts. The tour can be exciting and educative at the same time.