Pompe De Relevage: Everything you want to know


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Manually lifting and cleaning a water waste is not an easy job. You need to have a pompe de relevage station to clean your wastewater. A pump lifting places are mostly established in the plain muddy ground. To maintain its durability, it must be placed in a cover or a sewage hole. Dirty water-lifting places are consisted of a water pump and a vessel required to clean the wastewater. Generally, folks use a water lifting station to deal with wastewater from the toilets and clean it for reuse. 

Underwater pump lifting for cleaning waste a pompe de relevage is commonly used in a water cleaning station, deep wells, agriculture uses, flooding, and for other waste cleaning uses. They are also called basement lifting pumps as they are mostly used in the basement. This underground pump lifting will lift and clean your contaminated water. It is also used for cleaning a big swimming pool, drains dirty water, flood wastewater, and dwelling sites. As you know, pump lifting stations are necessary to clean impure water and for reuse especially the floods dirty water. You can save water by having a pompe de relevage station near you. Natural disasters like floods, landslides, and earthquakes contaminate the pure water. In these cases, pump lifting stations are very beneficial and save time. 

How to select a lifting pump station? 

Before you start choosing the pump station site make sure you have considered several key points. To install a lifting pump station, keep in mind to check about the area, capital and time. Hence, intervention and checking about the site are very important. Examine the water capacity to be absorbed by the pump, sewage area, and surrounding area. Observe the height of the area located for lifting waste and water treatment. For the correct flow of water check the dimensions of the pipe needed. 

Check for proper electricity supply and battery system in the surrounding area. Usage of water lifting pump is recommended by many people for better facilities of water supply. You can fix a water level checker ball with your water tank. Fix an alarm machine to secure your lifting pump. Check the cost of having a water pump lifting station according to the area, height, and capacity of the water tank. 

Cost of a drain lifting pump Station

The cost of a waste pump lifting station depends on so many reasons like the power supply, pump, pipes, tools, construction site taxes, and other things. Mechanics, plumbers’ salaries to set up pumps for daily use and clean water. Whatever your waste clogging problem, a lifting pump will solve it. 


A waste lifting pump station is very important to suck dirty water which involves cleaning of water from the kitchen sink, toilets, and washrooms. The water pipes involved in the lifting also offer a wide range of advantages to clean the water in less time.