Reasons Why You Should Use A Leather Revolver Holster

Know that for as long as revolvers have existed, leather revolver holsters have been out there, and people have utilized it for their betterment. From history, we have seen that these were very popular in the Old West. The time was nineteenth century when people started using this gun and holster concept.

When you will think about the reality that custom leather holsters have been utilized for such an extended period of time, you will understand why they are still famous. Not only they are well-made, but also leather holsters are known to be much durable, soft, pleasant, and long-lasting according to data.

Simply because a piece of technology is old does not mean it is obsolete. So, even if your gun gets old, if you decide to utilize it with the right holster, you will be able to keep it for a long time. Additionally, leather holsters have evolved significantly in the years since they originally appeared. People are now considering various holsters for their firearms and one of them is crossdraw holsters.


A significant advantage of utilizing leather for a holster is comfort. Not only does leather conform to the curve of your pistol, it also conforms to the shape of your body.

It is a natural thing that leather is considerably gentler and much more comfy than alternative materials such as nylon or kydex. This will be a significant benefit when you will use IWB holster. In other words, when you will use other materials instead of leather, your body may need to adjust to them. It won’t happen once you choose leather holsters.


When someone faces a situation where he or she needs to discreetly take the pistol from their holster, leather is really the finest choice. Holstering and pulling a revolver from kydex produce a unique clicking sound.Also, we have found out that when anykydex holster collides with anything, a loud noise is produced.

Now when it is nylon, it is quieter than leather, it may nevertheless generate noise when the revolver is pulled and holstered.

In comparison to this as well, a leather gun holster will simply generate very little noise. If it collides with anything, such as a wall, a large object, or anything else, it will also make almost no noise. But you need to prepare yourself for a virtually generated little bit of noise while drawing the weapon.


As long as your holster is manufactured by a reputable manufacturer using high-quality leather, you can be certain that it will be very durable.

Keep this information in mind that leather is also used to create a number of different types of equipment. It is used in vehicle seats, coats, and shoes, etc. Simply said, high-quality leather is a very tough and resilient material that is extremely long-lasting as per research.

Minimal Upkeep

The best thing is that you could maintain a leather revolver holster in the same way you would maintain a pair of leather shoes. Avoid using conditioner, since it will simply make the leather softer. It will be reducing both comfort and retention in the process.