Reasons you should consider lithium as your trolling motor battery


Trolling motors have become very common, especially for professional fishermen. With the right trolling motor and a suitable battery, a fisherman can reach unique fishing grounds, especially the middling depths and places that are off the shore. The trolling motion consumes a lot of power and if you are planning to spend the whole day fishing, you better look for a motor battery that will not limit your adventure. Those who are in trolling competition also need to get a suitable motor and a support battery to push them through. For that reason, you should not just choose any trolling motor battery that comes your way but settle for the right option. So, why are fishermen advised to choose lithium marine batteries? Here are some of the reasons

For a long battery life

You should consider lithium batteries for trolling because they last for longer. While enjoying your day in the water, the last thing that you would wish is to have a battery that dies on the way. It can even be more frustrating when you only have a small catch. Lithium batteries are considered by many because they are known to be discharged batteries. This simply means that users can utilize up to 955 of its power without worrying about damaging the battery. It is also very important to know that marine battery are consistent in voltage. Every pound of your lithium battery will be useful to you at any time of your trolling adventure. It is very possible to charge the battery more times compared to how traditional batteries can be charged.

They are lightweight

Another thing that makes many people consider lithium marine batteries is that they are lightweight. This is very important considering that trolling boats are made of different shapes and sizes as well. When the boat is big, the weight of your motor and its battery doesn’t matter a lot but when the boat is small, you must consider the weight of the boat. Therefore, the weight should be a major determinant when you are choosing a tolling boat battery.

No hassle

Fishermen and marine competitors consider lithium because it has no mess. When you compare lithium to other types of batteries, you will discover that they do not take a lot of time for them to charge. Besides, lithium doesn’t take that long for them to be fully charged. Without wasting time, you can easily charge your battery and within no time, you will be out fishing again.


It is also very important to consider lithium because they are multi-purpose. If you want a marine battery that will be ideal for all your needs, settle for one that is not only multi-purpose but also for one that is waterproof. Lithium is known for trolling, fishing, sonar, chart plotters, and anchors among other things. Instead of buying different types of batteries to help you with different tasks, it would be wise to settle for a multi-purpose option.