Tezbox Restore – How to Do it?

New Features Hit the TezBox Wallet | by Jovan Smith | Medium

Are you someone who frequently deals with cryptocurrency? If yes, then you are at the right place. If you are experienced, then you must be knowing what a wallet is. If not, read on to know more about online wallets.

What is a wallet? A wallet is a place where you can easily store your private pins and keys that and secure yourself from any security breaches. A wallet makes sure that you are able to keep your privacy on the internet that is a vast place and sometimes enables third parties to take advantage if given access to your personal information.

Now that we know what a wallet is, let us get to know more about how to do a tezbox restore

Firstly, at the top right end of the homepage of your wallet, you will find the restore option. Once you click it, you will be presented with a set of options using which you may restore your account. Here are the options:

  • ICO/Fundraiser
  • Seed phrase
  • Private key

Using these methods you can easily restore your tezbox account and access the information that was already entered by you previously.

Tezbox is a platform that is continuously evolving with the times. Currently it has added many new features onto its platform. One of which includes restoring accounts. However, there are many different features that are added as well.

One of them is the multi-account functionality. You can now create multiple TEZBOX accounts using a single tezbox instance.

The first thing that you have to do once you finish browsing the main site is select a wallet platform version. You can either create a new account or restore an existing account by selecting the respective options. Tezbox also provides you with the option of linking your account to a hardware device like a wallet.

The next thing that the user will be asked to do is encrypt their wallet for safety reasons. To do this, the user will have to confirm a 15 word seed phrase and protect their device. The user will also be asked to save and backup their details before doing so to increase safety.

Cryptocurrency is indeed one of the most valuable avenues of investment in today’s generation. However, given the present dire state of safety on the internet and the increasing number of safety breaches, it is always better to stay one step ahead when it comes to safety. With tezbox wallets, you can be assured that you will remain safe.

Not only is the tezbox wallet safe, it also enables you to remain flexible. For example, you can connect multiple hardware devices to your tezbox. If you are looking for safety and flexibility rolled into one, then tezbox should be your best choice. With tubax, you can easily carry out transactions safety and smoothly without any hassle.

At the end of the day, it is recommended that even you practice caution and not share your private pins with anyone. Visit the site to know more about tezbox and how you can get started.