Despite being legalized in some parts of the world, debate for the advantages and disadvantages of marijuana is still on the run. Arguments about marijuana are the main factor why countries could not precisely decide whether to legalize weed or not. For countries who’ve already accepted the legal use of marijuana, its benefits to the Medical world is already an enough reason to pass the bill. However, despite being legal, they are still aware of the risks it can give to its citizens that is why they’ve incorporated it with strict regulations to ensure that everything is in control. Hence, offline or Buy weed online are now allowed but only to those who are 19 and above and should only purchase pots on stores regulated by the government.

Advantages of Marijuana intake

  • Cannabis has been recently considered a valuable use in the medical field. It can help and treat patients with chronic illnesses. The chemicals found in marijuana greatly relieves pain hence it has been mainly used as pain reliever. Its best contribution so far is its ability to treat and prevent cancer.
  • It does not only help people who are suffering from physical pain but as well as mental torture. Weed alleviates anxiety attacks and prevents mood swings that could prevent depression.
  • It gives sensational effects to its users like the feeling of being out of this world.
  • It can be safer than any other medications in certain diseases.
  • Can treat appetite loss due to depression, HIV/AIDS, and cancer.

Disadvantages of taking Cannabis

  • Can cause short-term memory loss that can affect student’s performance at school.
  • It impairs your cognitive ability that is why it is not advisable to drive while “high”.
  • People who’ve tried marijuana are more likely to get addicted and tempted to use another illegal drug.
  • Causes people to see and hear things which others don’t perceive.
  • They usually believe in things that are not real hence making them delusionals.
  • You might get imprisoned if caught possessing illegal amounts of marijuana.
  • It can affect its user’s performance at work especially in comprehending and solving complex tasks.
  • It can be in our body for too long compared to other drugs despite powerful detoxification method.

Can someone die from marijuana use?

There are certain cases where people died with the influence of marijuana. Most cases are in car or road accidents. Cannabis intake can damage your cognitive abilities that is why individuals who have taken marijuana while driving are more likely to engage in such accidents. Some people also died due to overdose. They are the ones who purchased and used weed without proper prescriptions from doctors hence seeking treatment in emergency rooms, excessive anxiety attacks and nausea, and extreme psychotic reactions. Most cases are among youth because they couldn’t handle the effects marijuana can give. Therefore, the importance of marijuana really depends on the use of certain individuals and must be noted to choose safety and precautions always.