The Benefits of using Argan Oil for Body and Skin

Argan Oil For Face – What Are The Benefits And How To Use it?

Although it’s generally associated with hair care, body and skin care also benefits greatly from the added moisture found in argan oil. When used as a body moisturizer, it has been proven to increase blood flow and improve skin hydration. It has also been shown to reduce skin damage caused by UV rays, improve skin thickness, and increase blood flow. The benefits above don’t even begin to scratch the surface of what argan oil has to offer.

The Pros of using argan oil for hair

Strong Moisturizing As we mentioned above, the natural antioxidants in argan oil make it a strong moisturizer. This makes it ideal for dry or damaged hair, which is why it’s often used as a hair oil.

Easy to use – Using only a few drops of oil for your hair, skin or body can do wonders. It’s easy to use and gives your hair, skin and body a serious boost of nutrients.

Long lasting results – The good news is that argan oil is a long-lasting moisturizer. If you’re using it as a hair oil, you can expect results for at least 4 weeks. If you’re using it as a body moisturizer, you can expect results for at least 2 months.

Makes your hair shiny and soft – As we mentioned above, the natural ingredients in Wholesale argan oil make your hair shiny and soft. This makes your hair feel healthy and strong and is particularly useful for dry or damaged hair.

Easy to clean up – Once you’ve applied the oil to your hair, skin or body, massage it into your scalp and nails to get rid of excess oil. Then, rinse off with water to get rid of excess oil and continue to nourish your hair and skin.

The Cons of using argan oil for hair

Not good for all hair types – While argan oil is a beneficial oil for all hair types, it’s not the best option for all skin types. If your skin is oily or has a Combination texture, you might want to look into other hair oils.

Too rich for everyday use – While you can easily use too much of a good thing, you should only use a small amount of argan oil for hair because this oil is rich in nutrients and can easily clog your pores.

Too expensive – You can find better value hair oils that are packed with just as many nutrients for a fraction of the price.

Too oily – If you’re using too much oil for your hair, your skin or both, you’re likely to look oily. Try using it as a body oil to see if that helps.


The benefits of using argan oil for hair are vast. It’s a great moisturizer, especially for dry or damaged hair, and can also be used as a body moisturizer. The only downside is that it can be too oily for some skin types. So, whether you have fine, medium or course hair, argan oil is a perfect hair oil.