The effects of gambling

When we talk about the effects of gambling, there are a few things that come to mind, including financial difficulties, broken relationships, and gross misconduct among others. What is funny is that people often name all kinds of effects that gambling puts gambling addicts through, but they always seem to forget one very important aspect. People name financial and social effects, but they forget emotional effects of gambling. The truth is that gambling has a lot of emotional effects on patients.

In this article, I will be talking about some of the effects that you are likely to suffer as a direct result of gambling. Emotional effects that result from gambling usually start in a subtle manner, only to magnify over time. Initially, it is possible to ignore the effects because they don’t affect you that much. However, as you get deeper into gambling, you start to realize that these effects can’t be ignored anymore.

Emotional stress from gambling

Like we have seen above, emotional stress is one of the main effects of gambling. This is in huge part due to the fact that gambling is all about emotions. There is a lot of enjoyment that comes from the company that one gets in when they go out to gamble and when they win, the fun seems to never end. However, when the losses start to accumulate and deal a blow to the pocket, the downtime can be equally depressing.

The emotions I have mentioned above are only just but a few. There are several other more negative emotions that result from gambling. These emotions include regret, guilt, and stress just to mention a few. These feelings may come in bursts only for a short period of time before they disappear. However, over time, they tend to accumulate and may lead one into self-sabotage behavior later on. People have often become depressed and filled with feelings of suicide as a direct result of gambling.

Is my gambling affecting me?

Too much about emotional effects of gambling already. Let us now take a look at how gambling might be affecting you as a person. I will be listing some of the behaviors that may be key indicators of how gambling is affecting you.

  1. Celebrating when you win and keeping quiet when you take a loss
  2. Being preoccupied with thoughts of gambling even when not doing it
  • Feelings of guilt after you have gambled
  1. Spending more money than you intended to spend on gambling
  2. Losing your temper against a friend or family over issues you shouldn’t
  3. Drinking alcohol, smoking, or indulging in substance abuse to make yourself feel better after losing at gambling

Signs of harm from gambling

When gambling is affecting you, this will be manifested through certain signs, which include having less money to spend on important issues in your life or household. You will also become impulsive in your drinking or smoking as a result of feelings of depression after losing a bet at the tables.

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