The grocery of poker terms

If you are a player who has ever sat at a poker table, you might probably have heard people saying some things that you were unable to follow.  You might have heard things like the big slick, the rake, and as a newbie on evodomino, it left you confused. But slowly, you will gain knowledge and be able to know the slang glossary of poker.

The following are some of the poker terms that you ought to know:

  • ABC poker: It is a poker style of play where only the basic poker strategy is utilized.
  • Ace out: Winning the pot with a high hand of an Ace
  • Ace high: An Ace hand as the highest card and nothing else will contribute to winning. No flush, no pairs.
  • Act: To fulfill your poker turn by choosing to bet, to check, fold or raise
  • Acting out of turn: To make a move when it is not yet your turn
  • Action: Who is supposed to play. If it is you to play, it denotes that, it is your turn to play. You can fold, bet, or check. It can also mean a game that has a lot of betting—a game with action.
  • Action flop: It denotes a flop that has a lot of opportunities for high hands. It involves various draw opportunities and can be able to create a large pot.
  • Active player: A player who is currently involved in the current hand. It can also mean someone who does a lot of betting.
  • Add-on: Extra chips which might be purchased to add to your original chips. It is normally an option when in tournament play.
  • AF: It is an acronym for aggression factor
  • Aggression factor: It is usually utilized in heads-up play. It is a statistic that is calculated via dividing the total bets numbers and raises a player has been able to make by their call totals. It is utilized to show how aggressive the opponent can play.
  • Aggressive: A play style where the player makes frequent raises or bets
  • AI: An acronym for all in
  • AIPF: An acronym for all in pre-flop
  • Air: A hand that has little or no value at all
  • All-in: A player betting all their chips
  • AMC: An acronym for all my chips
  • Amo/Ammunition: It refers to the chip stack of a player. It can a well refer to their bankroll that is behind the chip stack
  • Angle shooting: utilizing angles that are distasteful to get an advantage. It uses a method that questions morality, taking advantage of the other players.
  • Ante: It a bet that is tiny and forced. It has to be paid by all the players before they receive their cards. It is at times used at late stages in a tournament
  • AO: An acronym for the add on
  • ATC: An acronym for any two cards
  • Auto Top-up: Utilized in online poker, and it is an automatic option of refilling your chip stack to the maximum allowed by the buy-in amount. It usually happens whenever the chip stack is below the required amount.