The Life Of  Marty Nothstein: An Olympian Who Gave Back To His Community

A professional athlete’s life is often devoted only to training and competition, which can be isolating and exhausting. But, for some people, that lifestyle can also be a way to give back to society and use their success for good. Of course, this was the case with one former elite road and track cyclist who channeled his Olympic glory and environmental fervor into local service.

Gains Made Quickly In The First Part Of The Race

This rider has always had an innate ability for the sport. As a young man from a small Pennsylvania town, he started as a track cyclist at the local velodrome. Eventually, he became one of the most famous American riders ever. After he won many world titles, Olympic medals, and national titles, he became an icon in the cycling world and a source of pride for his home state.

Contributing To His Neighbors

Marty Nothstein went on to achieve great success, yet he never lost sight of his humble beginnings. He was loyal to his home state and did all of his “Rocky Balboa”-style training in the Lehigh Valley rather than moving elsewhere. He was confident that his hometown had everything he needed to make it to the Olympics, and he was committed to giving back to the community that had sparked his interest in cycling.

After hanging up his bike wheels for good, this cyclist became his local velodrome’s executive director, using his knowledge and experience to reinvigorate the facility’s community and professional cycling programs and increase revenue. He also followed his interest in conservation by preventing the development of more than 500 acres of land and by participating in and eventually leading a committee that preserved more than 23,000 acres of farmland in his area.

Job Opportunities

Marty Nothstein also did a lot of work in the field of conservation. He received the most votes during the election for the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners and served as its chairman for three of the four years he was on the board. He even bid for a seat in Congress, emerging victorious from a contentious primary but falling short in the general election. Despite this setback, he persisted in using his prominence for the greater good of his neighborhood and advocating for causes close to his heart, such as environmental protection and citizen participation.

Inspiration And A Lasting Mark

The impact of this former professional rider on the cycling community and beyond continues to this day. He proved that it is possible to have both financial success and a strong sense of social responsibility, and thus he encouraged other young cyclists to follow in his footsteps. He demonstrated that everyone could make a difference in the world if they work hard, are dedicated, and stay true to their ideals, regardless of their chosen profession.

This cyclist’s life ultimately serves as a reminder that one’s impact on others and the world is more important than their achievements. His life’s work motivates us to follow our dreams, put in long hours, and give back to our communities no matter where our paths may lead.