Tips For Choosing The Right Sled Dog Harness

As an avid dog lover and owner, you know that there is nothing as exciting and thrilling as sledding with your pooch! Or at least that’s what you think until you learn about the risks involved in such activities. Dogs are not built for snow, so if you want to get your furry friend to join you on a sledding trip, you need the right equipment. Purchasing the right harness for your dog is essential to his safety and protection. 


Be A Responsible Owner


Starting off with the most important factor for choosing the right harness for your dog. This is the one thing that will determine if your dog’s harness is a success or a failure. Being a responsible dog owner means choosing a harness that is not only safe for your dog, but also one that is comfortable for him to wear. Remember that a dog’s harness will be worn for hours and hours. This means that it must be soft and flexible, fitting perfectly so that it doesn’t cause any discomfort to your dog. Remember to buy a harness that has adjustable straps so you can customize it to your dog’s size.


Don’t Forget The Safety Release


Sledding, in general, is a dangerous activity. The same applies to dog sledding, especially when you are dealing with inexperienced dogs. In the event that your dog gets injured or tangled, you will need a quick and easy way to release him from the sled. This is where a safety release comes in. It is placed between the harness and the dog’s neck. The best harnesses are designed with a quick release mechanism so that you can free your dog if he gets entangled or injured. To be on the safe side, it is best to buy a sled dog harness with a quick release mechanism.


Consider Sturdiness And Comfort


Even if your favorite harness is suitable for your dog’s breed, you must also make sure that it is sturdy and comfortable. A harness that isn’t sturdy enough will easily break, which is dangerous for your dog. A harness that is not comfortable enough will not only put unnecessary strain on your dog, but also cause him unnecessary irritation. A harness that is not comfortable for your dog will cause him to get restless, which might put you in danger as well. 


Pick A Lightweight Harness For Better Maneuverability


All this talk about strength, sturdiness, and comfort is true, but you should also keep one thing in mind. Your dog will be pulling a heavy sled for hours. Hence, the harness must be sturdy, strong, and comfortable, but it must also be lightweight. A heavy harness can put a lot of strain on your dog’s body, which not only increases your dog’s risk of injury, but also slows down your pace. Remember that the lighter your harness is, the better your dog’s maneuverability will be. 


Choosing the right harness for your dog is no easy feat. It is a process that requires patience and thorough research. You must first know the specific needs of your dog and then find a harness that is sturdy, strong, comfortable, lightweight, and suitable for his breed. Remember that the harness is there to protect your dog, so you should never compromise on quality.