Types of Boxes to Gift Your Cat

Cats’ affinity for boxes can be attributed to their instincts and behaviors. Boxes offer a sense of security and shelter, mimicking the small, enclosed spaces cats seek in the wild. Also, they provide a vantage point for observing the environment while remaining hidden.

The texture and scent of boxes may be appealing for scratching and marking territory. Besides, the playfulness of squeezing into and exploring boxes satisfies their curiosity. Overall, boxes tap into various feline instincts, making them intriguing and comforting spaces for cats to interact with.

Gift them to your kitty, and also consider being equipped with pet insurance so your frisky pet is covered for accidental injuries, specific illnesses, and medical emergencies that may occur due to its sneaky actions. Contemplate purchasing cheap pet insurance, at least so you don’t have to think twice about providing basic medical care during urgent health situations.

In the meantime, read this article to learn about the different types of boxes you can gift your cat.

Type of boxes to gift your cat

When choosing boxes to gift your cat, consider their safety, comfort, and enjoyment. A variety of boxes will appeal to cats naturally; below are some options to consider.

1.Cardboard boxes

These are a classic kitty favorite. They’re easy to find and inexpensive, and cats love to explore, hide, and nap in them. Cut holes in the sides for extra fun.

2.Open-top boxes

Boxes without lids make great cozy spots for cats to curl up in. Line the bottom with a soft blanket or towel for added comfort.

3.Cat condos/playhouses

Multi-level cardboard playhouses or condos offer both hiding spots and areas to climb, satisfying your cat’s instinct to perch.


Smaller shoe boxes can be inviting for kittens or smaller cats. Place a soft cushion inside for a comfy resting spot.

5.Window boxes

Position a sturdy box near a window for your cat to observe the outside world. Adding a cushion or blanket creates a cozy spot to watch and relax.

6.Puzzle boxes

Use a larger box to create a puzzle toy by cutting holes and adding toys or treats inside. Your cat will enjoy figuring out how to get to the rewards.

7.Decorative boxes

Some decorative storage boxes with lids can double as cat beds. Cats often find them cozy and private.

8.Paper bags

Though not exactly boxes, paper bags can provide similar play and hiding opportunities. Be sure to remove handles to prevent entanglement.

9.DIY creations

Get creative! Build a maze, tunnel, or playhouse using multiple boxes taped together. Add cut-out windows and openings for exploration.

10.Scented boxes

Cats have a strong sense of smell. Consider lightly rubbing the inside of the box with catnip or a familiar scent to make it more appealing.

Safety always comes first. Remove any tape, staples, or potential choking hazards. Observe your cat’s interaction with the box and ensure it feels comfortable and not stressed. Keep an eye on its behavior to make sure it is enjoying the new gift in a positive way.

By staying attentive to your cat’s needs and providing a nurturing environment, you can help ensure its health and wellness. At the same time, consider being prepared with pet insurance so your furball has basic medical cover at all times. Cheap pet insurance helps assure timely medical assistance at affordable costs during testing times of health, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy.