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This is an article on, which is a unique betting website. On the website, you can choose from multiple football games and play them. If you wish you can bet on them and earn money. The website is a trusted one. Read the article to find more about the website.

The website – FUN88

FUN88 is the website where you can bet on football games. It might sound that the website is limited to football games. But in reality, it isn’t. The website has a real-time games feature where there are a lot of different games available, including tennis. Let’s read the article to find what more the website has to offer to us!


Yes, you read that right! You can even win an iPhone through the website. The only thing you are required to do is to refer a friend to the website. And when the friend registers to the website through the link you provided, you stand a chance to win exciting gifts like an iPhone XR! Go and grab the offer before your friend takes it.


Whenever we hear the word betting, almost every one of us thinks about the amount if we lost. This website has a perfect solution to the problem. The website offers a maximum amount of 3000 bahts refund if you missed the night football matches steps and missed all steps.

Promotional Offer

The website offers a promotional offer of 10% which is additional to the regular 40% with 3000 credits. This can be availed by visiting the official website and registering for it. Before starting to play the games, complete the 3 necessary steps.

The steps are: Register yourself to the website, Transfer money, and then log in to your account. This is when you are ready to start the games.


There are a lot of available options to choose games from. A few of the most popular games are Joker123, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Andar-Bahar. These are the classical games. new games can be selected from the website


Playing games by visiting the browser each time might be tiring! This is too frustrating when the internet is slow. Another way the team has worked to satisfy the user’s request is to develop an app to play.

The website has an official application, where you can play the exact games by logging in to your account. This is a good alternative at times when the website is down and you don’t want to disrupt your games.

Entertaining and Addictive

Coming to the last subheading, Once you start playing these games, there is no looking back. They are quite addictive and fun to play with. Once you get hooked you won’t feel the time for which you have been playing.

The games are entertaining as well. Real-time games are more entertaining as the updates which you get are real-time based and can decide on how much to bet instantly. This comes as an added advantage of online casino real-time games.