Valuable Tips To Apply Grip Tape Over Skateboard

Skaters use different types of seaports to fulfill their demands of doing skating. Everything has its way to handle same goes for skateboarding also. To use the keyboard, it is necessary to use the most important thing, which is known as grip tape. The main reason why grip tape is applied over the skateboard is friction between deck and foot. Like you know that everything needs some care to increase its durability. The same goes for grip tape; also, it requires proper care so that it will be easy for you to do skating.

First of all, it is essential to go with the correct measurement while applying custom griptape over the state. This means making sure that you are applying the tape all over the skateboard without lifting the edges. You can even take the skateboard in the shop or do this job by yourself. When the grip tape starts veering out, make sure you are changing it immediately as the chances of getting slipped get increased.

Valuable tips to know before applying tape over skateboard are listed below:

  1. Buy best grip tape- Make sure to buy grip tape that it is of a good brand. For example, alien ware, speed demons, mob, black magic, and many more. For sure, going with a good brand offers you the best grip tape, which will work for a longer time. So there is no need to go with them repeatedly, changing the process of grip tape.

  1. Do clean work– If you want that you are great, it works better on stable than applying on a flat and clean surface. Because in case if the dirt remains on the ski boat at the time of applying grip tape, then the chances of getting Wear out become more. That is why I put your skateboard over the clean surface where there are no particles of dirt. It helps to increase the durability of your skateboard.

  1. Remove the old grip tape– It is the most crucial factor before applying the grip tape is removing the old Kitty. Several matters can be used for removing the existing grip tape, like using the whole dryer and hot air liquefy’s. Never go with the new layer of custom griptape before removing the old one. It is because the new layer will tear out more quickly. So make sure you are removing the old one before applying the new one.

  1. Clean the skateboard– Before applying the grip tape over the skin to make sure that you are cleaning it perfectly. This means that you are removing all the particles of dirt which are still on the skateboard. Because of this, it may reduce the adhesive of tape. So always prefer to go with the clean skateboard before applying the new one.

Final words

Skaters are fond of doing skating on the skateboard. But the safety of the skaters is essential, which can be taken care of by applying the grip tape over the skateboard. There is a wide variety of custom griptape available, but you need to follow some tips before applying on a skateboard. It is essential to keep in mind the durability of tape.