What about the Proportioner Monitoring System?

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A proportioner is a piece of equipment that adjusts the volume of water flow in response to a fire. It has two components: a water motor and a pump. These components are fine-tuned to deliver the proper proportion of foam agent and extinguishing water. 

This prevents manual readjustment, which is prone to human error. These devices also meet the requirements of FM Global and VdS. For a more accurate proportioning rate, a monitoring system for proportioners is highly recommended.

Because they are able to handle huge volumes, mechanical proportioners are ideally suited for production on a big scale. However, because they do not have a procedure that is inherent to verifying ratios, it is impossible for them to provide ratio accuracy that is greater than 10 percent. In addition, because of mechanical wear and pump cavitation, colour changes carried out by mechanical proportioners take a considerable amount of time. 

On the other hand, electronic proportioners provide simple methods for verifying ratios and changing colours, as well as other possibilities. Because of all of these factors, the market currently offers the most dependable proportioners.

A proportioner monitoring system includes sensors and a control unit. The latter displays the proportioning rate and other operating parameters. It also features a volumetric flow meter in the extinguishing water or foam agent return line. 

The accuracy of the extinguishing agent measurement device is measurable through this device. Once properly installed, proportioners are highly reliable and provide maximum safety. When a proportioner goes out of service, it will not be damaged by a subsequent fire.

Electronic proportioners have become widely used in many finishing operations. They improve ratio control and minimize waste. Electronic proportioners are also versatile enough to handle a wide range of operating ratios and flow rates. 

They can also be used in air-spray and electrostatic applications. However, they are more expensive than manual proportioners and may require technical maintenance. Therefore, it is important to consider the pros and cons of electronic proportioners before making a final decision.

The proportioner has a testing mode and regular extinguishing mode. While in extinguishing mode, the device does not generate any water/foam agent premix. During testing, the proportioning pump is operated in returning mode. The delivered foam agent is then passed back into the foam agent tank. A special valve simulates the operating pressure of the system. With these features, proportioners are a smart solution for fire protection.

PMC manufactures a proportioner that may be customised to fit the requirements of every individual contractor. The most recent versions in the PH and PHX-2 series have been redesigned to offer exceptional value and performance. They work wonderfully for situations involving residential foam and paints. 

The PH-2 is an excellent option for most contractors because it is available at a cost that is reasonable. The inlet monitoring system and countdown shutoff are just two of the many helpful features that are included with these machines. Visit the Fire Product Search website for further information regarding the purchase of a proportioner if you are interested in doing so.