What are different bonuses to look for in online casinos?


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You would have seen ads of any Poker Online IDN mentioning that there are attractive bonuses for people signing up for them. Some of these bonuses are as follows.


Welcome bonus


You would have heard this term in several places. Whatever advertisements you see about online casinos, you can see this along with a percentage. It will read like a welcome bonus of 100 percent if you join our online casino. It means that you will get all your deposit money doubled if you sign up for this particular casino. It is a welcome bonus. As they are offering you a bonus at the moment you join them, it has got its name. However, you could not withdraw this welcome bonus and go away. It is a mandatory bonus that you have to use to play any casino game on that website. Else, that bonus would go to waste. However, you can withdraw your winnings if you win any of the games that you played using that money. For instance, if the casino’s welcome bonus is 50 percent of the deposit and you deposit $50. You will be able to play for $75. Since they are getting their money doubled only by joining the website, more newbies will get attracted. 


Referral Bonus 


It is another kind of bonus that you will get when you are already a member of the casino. In this type, you will get extra money or a free spin if you make anyone in your circle deposit in this casino. You have to make people join your casino to earn a referral bonus. However, this bonus will be attractive and it is easy to make anyone of your mates hear your words and join the casino. As it will be attractive for the members of the casino, almost all casinos are using this strategy to acquire more customers. However, the referrer could get the bonus amount only after the referee makes his initial deposit with the casino website. 


High Deposit bonus


The name says it all. Casino houses can gain some profits only when the players deposit more and play more games. So, if you are one of the persons who are contributing a lot to the casino, you will be rewarded for it at once. It is known as a high deposit bonus. Let us assume that you deposit $100 monthly and another person is depositing only $10 for once. Since you are far away from others, you will get some rewards and free spins. You can be like a premium subscriber of the casino. 


No deposit bonuses


If the casino is offering no deposit bonuses, you could assume that it is looking aggressively for new customers. It is an offer to the newbie players out there to try out the casino without even depositing anything. You will not have anything to lose in this type of casino. However, there will be some restrictions on the number of free games and some others.