What are the most popular hybrid varieties of cannabis products?


You can find several hybrid strains in stores that offer same day weed delivery Vancouver. Some of these popular strains are as follows, 

Ruderalis – It is a by-product of the mixing process of the seeds or elements of sativa and indica plants. However, the constituents of the indica plants have a huge impact on the product and hence, you will get to see more characteristics of indica plants than the sativa plants. So, you could not expect the initial head high you will get using a THC-rich product. But you can have the physical health benefits of CBD. 

Chemdawg – Chemdawg is a sativa-rich hybrid variant that delivers a high feeling to everyone upon consumption. You need not worry about losing your concentration like other variants upon consumption as the concentration would increase with this hybrid plant. Although you will be in the high state for a few minutes due to the increased THC content, you will get back to normal with an increased awareness of your surroundings and the small things you do. So, if you have anything to with the most care of, you can take this and involve in the action.

Gorilla glue – If you are a fan of THC-rich variants of cannabis and looking for something that could free your mind up, gorilla glue would be the best choice. Although being a hybrid strain, it would showcase the maximum characteristics of the sativa plants and you can confirm that with the strong content of THC. Your initial high is irresistible and if you can manage that high, you will get all the mental benefits of the variant to the core. You can forget your mental stress and even can treat insomnia. 

Sour diesel – You may get wondered about the name but it is nothing but the representation of the taste and smell of the hybrid variant. Among all the hybrid variants, sour diesel is the one that could provide you with equal benefits of indica and sativa parental plants. If you have physical pains, you can consume this variant. You can also try this to achieve mental pleasure and relaxation. You can feel highly focused and energetic

Purple Kush – Since the THC content would be so high in this variety of the hybrid cannabis plants, the purple kush is also identified as a replica of a sativa plant. You will get total relaxation for your mind and any disturbances over there would go off once you consume this plant. Instantaneous high from this plant should be a thing to keep in mind before consuming it. 

Blue dream – If you are struggling with diseases or disturbances like nausea, depression, or pain, you can get relief by consuming the blue dream strain of cannabis plants. Also, your cerebrum will get activated upon consumption. So, you can perform your activities with much more enthusiasm and focus. Blue dream has got its name due to the unknown origin of the hybrid variety. Also, it will taste like sweet berries.