What are the popular constellations in the night sky to choose for your star gift?

Have you ever considered a star gift to your loved one on a special day? You can do so by going to a star registry and registering a star with their name on it. The person can have a certificate that indicates their registration for the star along with location details. You can choose a how to buy a star from any constellation in the registry. Let us discuss some of the most popular constellations to choose your star.


Aries is one of the twelve constellations that represent the zodiac signs. In Greek mythology, Aries is considered the ram. It is known as the symbol of leadership and authority. You can find Aries in the night sky as a formation of four stars in a slightly curved line. They consider the top of this line as the head of the ram and the remaining his body. You can select a star from this constellation as your gift to your partner when their zodiac is Aries, or they have the traits associated with it.


Gemini is a constellation of stars that represents a twin, Castor, and Pollux. It is believed that the killing of Castor has made the immortal Pollux wish for immortality for him followed by the transformation of them into stars in the night sky. These two stars are the brightest in the castellation. You can find this constellation in a U shape in the night sky. It is easy to see this constellation in the winter.


Leo is believed to be a lion in the night sky. Mythology says that this is the monstrous lion that Hercules killed by strangling it as it could not be killed with any weapon. You can easily spot Leo in the night sky as it will form the figure of a lion sitting up there. Its head will be in the form of an inverted question mark, while the body will be in a triangular form. The brightest star in the constellation is Regulus that will be there at the right bottom end of it.


You can find this directly overhead during summer. There will be a formation of a tilted square with one end extended to connect another star. The star outside the square is the brightest in the constellation known as Vega. As the Vega is one of the brightest in the night sky, you can easily spot this constellation with the naked eye.


Pisces is the Latin word for fish, and you may remember that fish symbol of your zodiac with the same name. There will be two fishes in the sky sitting as stars to form the constellation. But there will not be an exact shape of fishes. You can find a V formation in the sky with the two lines representing the fishes. The right-side line will have a small O at the end, while the right line ends with a triangle.