Where to buy weed in Massachusetts: A Quick Guide

Jeremy Pawlowski/Stocksy United

Weed is now legal in Massachusetts, but not everyone knows where to go to buy marijuana. Being a new industry and all, there are no set stores you can go to for certain types of weeds. We’ve created a quick guide that outlines the different ways to find weed in Massachusetts and where to buy it.


Ways ToFind Weed In Massachusetts

There are three ways to find weed in Massachusetts: finding a group of friends who have some and are willing to sell it, getting it from a friend with a medical marijuana license, or going on the internet.The first way to find weed is by asking friends. The best thing about this method is that you can buy smaller amounts for personal use and not worry about the police.

Getting weed this way does come with risks, though. You’ll need to be careful and know your sources if you want to keep yourself safe.The second way is by getting it from a friend with a medical marijuana license. This person has been approved by their doctor to purchase and use medical marijuana legally, so they have access to more than anyone else in the state of Massachusetts right now.

The downside of this method is that these people are limited in how much they can purchase at once, which may not be enough for your needs. It’s also worth noting that there are only 13 dispensaries open statewide currently; more stores will open over time as demand grows.

Weed Dispensaries


The most common way to know Where to buy weed in Massachusetts is at a dispensary. There are currently eight cities and towns that have dispensaries where you can buy weed. This can be done by registering as a medical patient on the state’s website and getting a recommendation from your doctor.

If you choose to register, you will need to go through an ID check, background check, and fingerprinting before being approved to get your medical marijuana card. Once the card is obtained, you can go into any of the dispensaries in any of the towns or cities with dispensaries in Massachusetts.

Recreational Pot Shops


Recreational pot shops were just legalized in the state of Massachusetts. However, since there are not currently any recreational marijuana stores open yet, you will be able to buy it from your designated caregiver.

Cannabis Clubs 


Cannabis clubs are official state-sanctioned establishments that sell marijuana to those who are over 21. Cannabis clubs are regulated by the Cannabis Control Commission and can only operate with a license. They’re allowed to sell marijuana, edibles, and concentrates.

A cannabis club is an establishment that provides for the lawful purchase of marijuana. You must be over 21 years old to purchase from a cannabis club.

Delivery Services 


One of the easiest ways to get weed is through a delivery service. Yes, you can have someone come to your house or apartment and hand it over to you in person. You don’t even need to show your ID – they just ask for your phone number and address.